May 11, 2009

The Citi Field That Never Sleeps

I hated the old New York Mets stadium. It was called Shea and was built by Robert Moses in the sixties. Even he hated it. A giant cement bowl of nothingness. Yes there was a lot of good memories but few and far between. So I was very excited that the Mets finally built a new stadium. A week or two into the season I went to see it for myself. Citi Field. It was glorious. It was a festive night in which Gary Sheffield hit his 500th
home run and the Mets actually won. I love that you don't have to sit in your seats to watch the game. You can stroll about and visit the different food courts. No one bothers you if you stand around somewhere drinking a beer for ten minutes. I can't wait to get back. Now if only the lowly Mets could win a few games.


Anonymous said...

What, no Rheingold Beer signs anymore?
Ed Beard

Tommy Kane said...

Or Schlitz or Schaeffer for that matter.

Alex Bitskoff said...

Hey, Tommy! How things going? :))

Tommy Kane said...

Love the photo.

Coop said...

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Anonymous said...

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