Mar 31, 2009

Spanish Olives

The first night Yun took me to a tapas bar. the real kind. It's a tiny stand up wine store where you drink beer and wine. All the food is out of cans. It's not like canned food in America. The Spanish have perfected this preserving amazing food in cans thing. I must admit I personally didn't like it too much. It's stuff like razor clams and mussels in heavy oil. It's all a bit too fishy for me. The experience itself is cool. One night we were out late and Yun wanted dessert. We stopped into a very over the top fancy hotel to eat a slice of cheese cake. The next morning drawing, I realized I had left my coat there. I went back and the concierge asked me if I smoked Cuban cigars. I said yes. He gave me back my coat which of course was full of Cuban cigars. That's what I do in Europe. Smoke Cubans and drink whiskey. One other little funny note. In Europe Yun and I had to not only deal with the time difference but when we were in London they set their clocks back an hour. That threw me off even worse. Then we flew to Spain which was an hour difference from London. Then one day they set their clocks back an hour. The clocks in the hotel were all off. I never knew what time or day it was. It was a real Twilight Zone episode.


dominique eichi said...

What a beautiful drawing. Your colors are so fabulous. I like what you wrote at the top about the the 2 guys proposing, such a funny detail.
Whiskey & Cuban cigars I guess we all let our hair down when were out of the country.

Tommy Kane said...

I'm pretty wacked out all the time.

kate b. said...

ahhh i love the shadows on the buildings!

Tommy Kane said...

I'm a shadow specialist.

Anonymous said...

wow youre amazing!

喜洋洋 said...