Mar 30, 2009

The Rain In Spain

Yun and I woke up very early in Barcelona, about 6:30 AM. Took a 20 minute cab to the airport in the pouring rain. Flew an hour and a half to Gatwick airport in London. Got on a 40 minute bus ride to Heathrow. Had a 6 hour layover there. Managed to fit in a sliced egg and tomato sandwich. Flew to Kennedy airport. there was bad weather so we circled the airport for an hour and stayed on the tarmac for another. Because Yun is a Korean citizen, there is always a problem at immigration. Another half hour to find out if she is a terrorist or not. Took the airport train to our parked car and got home at midnight. Turns out they were making a movie in my neighborhood so all the parking spots were blocked off for three blocks. I dropped off Yun in front of our apartment because it was still raining like mad. I had to stick it in a parking lot for the night. It's always nice to get home and be ignored by my cats. Over the next weeks I will be posting my drawings. Did quite a few really good ones.


kate b. said...

welcome home! love the drawing, can't wait to see the others.

Tommy Kane said...

The others are much better. i like to go out of the gate with the worst one.

fika said...

wow thats really a journey home! looking forward to see more :)

dominique eichi said...

Most beautiful, as I said on Urban sketchers. would you post the tools you used. If this one is the worst I can't wait for the others. But feed us a little at the time !

spacedlaw said...

Ignored by cats? You were lucky. I have known cats to welcome their returning feeders by pooping deliberately on the carpet/bed/etc.

I hope you had a good holiday despite the inglorious home coming.

Dave Howells said...

Great work, great! Can't wait to see more!

Tommy Kane said...

I will post my tool on urban sketchers. I've done it here in the past. You can look through the archives. But i'll do it again anyway.

Daniel said...

after reading this...i thought you just decided to do like a time attack on how fast you can get home from Spain only to be set back by the movie set and sleeping in a parking lot. haha NICE!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Happy Birthday, Cats in one piece, my girl did her job... Looking foward to your posts..

Tommy Kane said...

Great to be back.

Marcia said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing your Barcelona. Hope you got some rest after all that!

BeautyGilr said...

I like your blog website!

喜洋洋 said...