Mar 31, 2009

Food Glorious Food

The whole reason we went to Barcelona is because of the food. Yun loves the food network and travel channel shows related to food. Spain is big on foodie's, where to go lists. In the middle of Barcelona is a big outdoor slash indoor food market called La Boqueria. The joint is heaven. It's hard to describe but everyone has their own little mini store type stall. There is meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables. I've been all over the planet but this place rules. The freshest most beautiful fish, crabs, clams and octopus. It's a photographers dream. the meat joints have pig's heads, small skinned rabbits, skinned baby pigs. Come to think of it everything has it's head still on. The best part of it all and why I love it so much is there are four little places to sit and eat. Each place consists of a counter top with a dozen stools in front. There is a grill that all the fresh seafood is being cooked on. The workers are cooky characters. People stand two or three deep applying pressure to those eating to finish up quick so they can eat. We went there every day. I still dream about it. I sat very early in the morning and drew this lady setting up her little meat stall. She never even looked in my direction. When I finished I walked up to her and held the book open so she could see. Her eyes bugged out. She got very excited. I'd made my first friend in Spain.


Anonymous said...

I love it when you show people your drawings and they flip out.
The videos rule.
Ed Beard

dominique eichi said...

great to see a video with your work. WEll done.

Tommy Kane said...

That was my view.

Yun said...

If you ever hear someone singing "Food Glorious Food" from the musical Oliver, you can bet Tommy Kane is in vicinity shopping for food.


kate b. said...

i'm loving these videos... and of course your drawings. its seems they jsut get better and betttterrr!

fika said...

what was the best and most memorable reaction ever you got from people when they saw your drawing?

nice drawing, as always! i agree, it's getting better and betterrrr!

Tommy Kane said...

Chinese people react best to my drawings for some reason.

Ron said...

La Boqueria sounds fabulous! I too really enjoy having the short video clip in some of these posts.

Tommy Kane said...

I see a lot of people are now doing that on blogs. I'm an innovator.

Kris-Tea said...

haha I love that! Great sketchs of Spain :)

enrique said...

Strange to see hou your vision has narrowed the shop!

Princess Sputnik said...

I have a sketch of that same place too! thpugh i couldn't remember the name when i drewo it so i had to make that up

喜洋洋 said...