Mar 10, 2009

Facebook Fever

I have found a million old friends on facebook. That really is a great site. Each day brings a new surprise. There are also a lot of people that don't want to be found. I can understand that. Some people I've called to tell them about all the old classmates I've uncovered but they want no part of it. I, on the other hand have become the leader of the pack in finding and connecting old friends. I'm amazed at how many people know nothing about computers. A lot of friends tell me that their kids put them on Facebook. I ask them to upload photos or other such easy takes and they have to wait for their kids to do it for them. It's cool to see who is married with grown kids or who adopted or who stayed single or who came out of the closet. The part that seems universal is for those of us who are happy to reconnect, just how easy it is to slip right back into our old friendships. Some people I talk to after a million years it only feels like I haven't spoken to them for a week.


meng said...

thats really good to hear. i found my best friend that moved away in first grade. it's crazy!

Tommy Kane said...

I'm waiting for that to happen.

spacedlaw said...

How nice. Facebook is not so common in France, so I have not been so lucky.

Tommy Kane said...

Facebook is taking over the world, so don't worry. It's coming.

pedalpower said...

It's great isn't it? I've reconnected with one of my all time favorite people...who I thought I'd never see again. Like you said, after 29 years we slipped right in to being friends again. Amazing.

Anonymous said...


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Naidra Naid said...

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