Mar 31, 2009


In China it's air conditioners. In Korea it's the electrical wires. In Morocco it's television antennas. In Manhattan it's water towers. Of course, the thing I noticed about London right away is the beautiful red brick chimneys. when I was drawing this a homeless guy came by and asked why was I drawing the street I was drawing? I told him it was the chimneys. He laughed and said, "the old chim-chimneys." The homeless guy was right out of Dickens and I was right out of art school. The street was very posh and none of the posh people came over to look at what I was doing. Very reserved. Three or four homeless guys came by to talk and check out my drawings though. This may seem a bit gay but I love musicals. One of my favorite's is "Oliver". I thought of the Artful Dodger wondering around picking pockets on the streets of this drawing.


Ammon said...

Wonderful image and great story.

Tommy Kane said...

i froze my ass off once again.

kate b. said...

there is nothing wrong with a man loving musicals. beautiful drawing, as usual. i'm loving these video clips of you drawing

dominique eichi said...

great sketch , are you using watercolor or something else ? I like he video, can you sing ?

Tommy Kane said...

i sing like a bird. yes i use watercolors.

aminsaim said...

Thanks for the video but too short..more please. Great sketch.

Tommy Kane said...

Longer ones on the way.

Anonymous said...

Nice chimneys! It has a Mary Poppins vibe also. Love the videos.
Ed Beard

rocketRefund said...

This is great. I love mary poppins. The chimney sweep songs are some of my favorites. Both "chim chiminey" and "step in time."

I say that, but really i like almost all of the songs.

Tommy Kane said...

I like my little hat.

kathleen duey said...

What you said about each city having it's thing to true, so true. All my pics from Morocco, Fez especially...thousands of bristling little satellite dishes perched on hundred year old white-washed rooftops.

Never been to London. Next year,I hope.

Thanks for the drawing. Like all the others, I love it.

stefan said...

Haha, I thought your post was going to end with... "... and when I reached into my pocket for my watercolour set, I found they had gone."

喜洋洋 said...