Feb 10, 2009


I recently found a lot of long lost friends from College. We found one another on Facebook. There is now a group for my college where we post old photos. One guy posted all the punk music groups from Buffalo at the time. You can see all the albums and 45's. Then you just click and play. Someone else at the time went around campus taking individual photos of students. Now years later he posted them all. We try to identify each person. We get new members each week. People are coming out of the woodwork. Buried deep in a draw I found an old 8mm film from a Halloween party at a house I lived in back then. Online I found a place that transferred it to an mpg file. I put some music and titles on it and posted it on our group. The music I chose was Sparks. They were a quirky old band from the 70's. This is sort of unrelated but once I went to see them at The Ritz in Manhattan a million years ago. My friend and I were wondering around the club after the show was over. We spotted a door at the end of a hallway in the balcony area. After opening it we realized we were standing in a room with the band, Sparks. No one said a word to us so we just sat down like we belonged there. As we looked around we noticed that the only other people in the room was The Ramones. Everyone was drinking beer. There was a big tub of ice, full of beer so we helped ourselves. We sat quietly while everyone chatted. That kind of stuff could happen in those days. Not so anymore.


Mark Hill said...

Nice hammerhead. The eye, though, is following me as i move.

And great story, too.

Tommy Kane said...

I popped a human eye on that sucker for fun.

NM said...

Nice hammerhead. Is this from the Aquarium ( i haven't been there in years) or did you watch an old episode of "Shark Week". Either way cool. I especially love the way you made the blue water tonal. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Checked out your 8mm/video. Good stuff.

Ed Beard

Tommy Kane said...

Wacked out.

winna said...

That's the first Hammerhead I've
thought was adorable..

r.hendricks said...

The Ramones!?!?!?

Great story. You are right, probably won't happen in these times.

Nice shark, too. Did you draw this from a photo?

Tommy Kane said...

Yes. this I drew in my office. I had some free time so I found a shark photo.

pedalpower said...

Wow....great story! Great drawing too!

道明寺Stan said...

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