Feb 7, 2009


My friend Ken invited me to see a New York rangers hockey game the other night. It happened to be the night they were retiring Adam Graves number. Most bloggers won't know what the hell I'm talking about. Ken's seats are right in the front row on the glass. The view in my drawing is the view we had in real life. It wasn't easy drawing with hockey pucks banging off glass five inches from my head. You do get used to it though. There was a nice ceremony before the game. Adam and the family were there along with a bunch of old Ranger greats. Turns out Adam was a big Sopranos fan. As a surprise, the entire cast of the show came out to be a part of it. James Gandolfini,
Lorraine Bracco, Little Stevie and a bunch of the others. It was pretty cool. The Rangers were losing with two minutes to go. Ken turned to me and said, you wanna leave?" I said, "no let's stay." I was really enjoying the view. How often do you sit right behind the glass. All of a sudden, boom. The Rangers scored to tie it with ten seconds to go. We were stunned. Unfortunately they lost in OT but it was a great night and I got a little drawing done.


Anonymous said...

You get some good seats.

Ed Beard

pinkpatti said...

You Rock! I wish Ida known, I coulda sat You behind a glass panel here on Friday. We coulda tossed fortune cookies and chopstix atchu!
Love, the G's

Anonymous said...

and btw...LOVE the pencil-headed look. i'd even trade my Big Hat for dem pens. whatta pointdexter.

Tommy Kane said...

I'm surely a Poindexter and a nerd.