Dec 20, 2008

One More Header

My headers were started to become more of the same so I drew this. Maybe it would make a good header for my blog. I failed on my Frankenstein attempt. This one seems to have worked. Let me know what you think.

Holidays Shmolidays

The holidays are a brutal time to draw. I thought I would be slow at work but just the opposite has happened. There has been no time to even think about the holidays. I may even have to work through all of it. I'm exhausted and have no time for myself. My blog posting is getting very thin. Usually I have a bunch of drawings in reserve but now I'm scrounging up my last little drawings. A vacation looms on my horizon.

Katz Deli

Another New York landmark in jeopardy of going down. The great Katz deli on Houston street. The famous Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal fake orgasm scene was filmed there. Also it's where the "send a salami to your boy in the army" originated. It was always a great place to get a late night hot dog. The place was always jammed. I'm sure anyone who came to New York as a tourist was told to go there. I had to draw it before it disappears in front of my eyes.

Dec 6, 2008

Dancin In The Dark

One very rainy sunday afternoon I went drawing with the great Butch Belair. We went to a little bar near me in Brooklyn. After getting a beer each and sitting down we began to draw. A few moments later something bad happened. It got completely dark out. The bar was dark too and suddenly we couldn't see a thing. I'm talking completely blind. Butch and I are as seasoned as it gets when it comes to this urban drawing business but there we were foiled by a rookie mistake. Neither of us said a word. We both preceded to finish our drawings in complete darkness. I didn't see the finished painting until the next day when I looked at it under a light. It doesn't look like one of my usual drawings but under the circumstances of being blindfolded it came out pretty good.