Oct 30, 2008

Carnegie Hall

Yun took me to Carnegie hall to see Andras Schiff. He's some piano player dude. That night he was performing Beethoven. I always do the same joke on yun. I ask her if he is playing Shostakovich tonight. She says no. After his first set, I turn to her and say, I thought you said he wasn't going to play Shostakovich. She laughs at my stupid joke. I know nothing about classical music. Somehow I have memorized one name. Shostakovich. I use him for all my classical music jokes. I did this sketch while he was playing. The problem is the Beethoven he was performing was quite delicate, so my pen scribbling on the molekine paper makes a bit of noise to those around me. So I try to do it very gently. If not Yun will get mad at me. Luckily two minutes into the show Yun was sleeping. That bought me fifteen minutes of drawing freedom. I must say I actually enjoyed myself that evening.

Oct 26, 2008

Return To Portrait Party

There is a great website which most of you know about. It is The Portrait Party. It's run by my friend Rama Hughes. A long time ago Rama contacted me and asked if we could swap portraits. I agreed and a website grew out of the idea. Anyway, I love the site so much I thought it would be fun if I drew Rama again. So I contacted him. He loved the idea of us drawing one another again. Here are my sketches of Rama. The first one I did just didn't look like him. I misfired. So I did a second one which is much better. I thought it would be fun to share my mistake. It's good to know that even skilled artists screw up once in a while.
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Oct 23, 2008

Got Out The Vote

I went to vote yesterday at six in the morning. People hate George W. Bush so much I knew it was not going to be just another election day. Sure enough, there was a long line. In all my years of voting I've never seen a line like this at my voting station. Waiting was a pleasure knowing Bush, Cheney, Rove, Gonzales and Palin were going to be gone from my life forever. You could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was smiling especially me. I'm very proud to be an American today.

Oct 14, 2008

New Car

I was due for a new car so I went and got one. How about them apples. With people driving in to me at a rate of one a week, I'm just counting the hours before someone smashes this car up. At least I'm having a few fun weeks before it eventually happens. I did a drawing of my smashed up car so I figured I might as well do one of the brand new sucker.
There is an interview with me in French at a groovy site. Check it out here.

Oct 12, 2008

Sleaze Factor

I'm shocked at the amount of phone calls I received from ambulance chasers after my car accident. The world is full of sleazy people trying to con the system and make a few extra bucks. It sucks knowing the large amount of people who must go along with this crap. They smell a little free money and say, Ok I'll go have my neck and back checked out even though I'm fine. Gives me the creeps.
There is an interview with me in French at a groovy site. Check it out here.

Oct 11, 2008

Urban Sketchers

There is a great new blog I am a part of called Urban Sketchers. They asked me to write a little blurb about my urban sketching experience. So I'm also publishing it here. Also I posted a photo of Me Butch Belair and Danny Gregory sketching at Coney Island.
When it comes to sketching, New York city is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes from the fact that the second you step onto the street, there are a thousand things to sketch. Famous landmarks abound. I can draw China, Japan, India or Korea by merely walking a few square blocks. Plus there are very few republicans. The curse is the weather. It is always too hot or way too cold or windy or raining or snowing. On top of that, everything is in constant motion. Nothing will stand still long enough for me to draw. I start to draw a bike and someone runs out and gets on it and leaves. Oh look, a firehouse, let me draw it. I'm half way through sketching the doors when they suddenly open and the trucks race out ruining my view. A vendor selling umbrellas would make a cool drawing. I begin and suddenly they pack up and move to a new location. I find a cool building to draw and set up my stool and begin. A truck instantly parallel parks right in front of my view. No one is aware of me or trying to be rude. That is just how Manhattan operates. Deep down it is what I love about New York. How hard it is. Not so much the easy stuff. Hopefully that is what comes across in my work. The pain and agony of trying to draw every detail I possibly can no matter how much the forces of nature and environment work against me.


I've never liked going to museums. Not even as a little kid. I'm not sure why that is. As a result I know almost nothing about art history. It's not that I don't want to know but something must have happened early in my life to so completely turn me off to museum going. I glaze over and feel very intimidated and stupid. Getting out of a museum as quick as possible is all I think about after entering one. You would think someone who spends every moment of their life painting and drawing would feel a little comfortable in museums. Many times on vacation, Yun will go to museums while I just stay on the street and draw. I'm not sure how to fix this. I guess I'm in search of a life altering event.

Oct 9, 2008

Ice Cream People

I found this cool blog on DRAWN. It's called Ice Cream People and it's run by Brian Butler. He calls himself the Ice Cream Person Research Coordinator. Anyway it's a funny little site that collects art of ice cream that has peoples faces on it. I just had to do one for his site. It gave me something to do. In honor of Sarah Palin I spelled tomato with an e.

Oct 7, 2008


Nothing can last forever but lately New York is losing a lot of it's soul. This whole housing boom killed a lot of what was great about the city. It has become a bit of a New Jersey shopping mall.

Coney Continues

For those who've never been there, there is a beautiful beach that has been cleaned up over the years. It is shockingly wonderful. Every year they had the hot dog eating contest. There was the mermaid parade. It was the backdrop for many music videos I did with Ken Nahoum. Thousands of baby boomers were conceived under the boardwalk. No more.

Also I want to give a shout to my good friend Dan Price. He is a big influence on me drawing. He's got a new blog and also a Flickr page. This was brought to my attention by my friend Ryan White.

End Of Coney Island

Everyone has heard of Coney Island. Yun and I now live very close to it. Unfortunately it is about to be demolished. It's so sad because it was such a magical decadent place. One weekend we went so I could take some photos. There were people around but I shot it to purposely look empty and bleak. My next few posts will be the photos I shot. Sad.

Oct 1, 2008

Follow Me

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