Jul 28, 2008

What To Draw

There are times when I have no say in what I can draw. Case in point, my trip to Maryland with Yun for her niece's one year old birthday party. I brought all my drawing stuff but there was never any time to draw. I took the train back to New York on Sunday morning by myself. When I sat in my seat, it was the first time I could relax all weekend. It was also the only time I could do a little drawing. Therefore I had no choice really. I had to draw what was available to me at that moment on the train. Sometimes it is good to have what I can draw dictated to me by life's circumstances. So for all of you wondering, what should I draw? How about opening your eyes and drawing what's right in front of you.

Jul 25, 2008


The other night Yun and I are sitting on the couch and all of a sudden one of our cats starts rubbing her butt all over one of our nice Moroccan rugs. She was doing just like crazy dogs do, when they sit on their butt and then pulled themselves along with their front legs very fast. We were hysterical with laughter at the spectacle. Things changed quickly when Yun noticed why she was doing that. There was a piece of you know what sticking out of her ass. Now we noticed she was wiping it all over the rug, bathroom tiles and our nice red oak floors. Yun grabbed her and said I had to take it out of her. Me? Why me? It's her cat but I am low man on the totem pole so yes I had to do it. It was not pleasant but I succeeded. I felt like gagging. Having pets is no picnic but I did have a few laughs over it.

Jul 22, 2008

What Models Eat

I like to make fun of models. They are not bad people or anything. I've worked with millions of them. It's just that they make for great butt-ends for my jokes. I have lots of photographer books in my office so there is always some kooky girl to draw. I thought it would be funny to make light of what a model eats to stay thin. The world has become so PC that you can't make fun of anything. Someone will always complain about it not being right to make fun of anorexia or bulimia. I have my own problems and I don't care if people make fun of me. In fact people are always making fun of me and I like it. Makes me feel human. I showed my drawing to some models I was working with and they laughed their ass off. One model said she wanted a poster of it to hang on her wall. They happened to be eating lunch when I showed them. Life imitates art.

Jul 20, 2008


I do millions of drawings at airports. The trick becomes how to do the same drawing over and over and make it look different. I like that I do them all in my moleskine book with watercolors. It gives them the look of a series of drawings. This one I just focused on the tail. In the shadow I wrote, "I am merely a single sardine jammed into the sealed up tin." I always meet people at the airport. People are bored waiting around for flights and I am a good distraction with my folding chair, drawing book, brushes and watercolor set. They want to see what I'm up to. Once they observe my drawing they want to look through my sketchbook. Usually I carry a couple. This way I can keep doing the painting I'm working on and they have a sketchbook or two to go through. People always give me their business card and take one of mine. Then they get home and log on to see my websites and tell their friends and family about the strange guy who draws in airports. If they are photographers, jewelry designers or some creative type, I log on to their site when I get home. Before I started drawing in sketchbooks, I hardly met anyone at airports. Now I'm a mini celebrity.

Jul 15, 2008

I can See For Miles And Miles

Another photo shoot, another photographer to draw. This time it's Bill Miles. He's a talented fashion type photographer. when I shoot with Bill, it's like going to the dentist for a cleaning. No major problems. Nice and easy, just the way I like it. I did a nice two part drawing for a little added drama. I always send a nice print to the photographer in the hopes of getting a print in return. More often than not, I do.

Jul 14, 2008

Drawing Yun

I have always struggled drawing my wife Yun. She has a very interesting face, which is beautiful. What makes it interesting is her nose. It is very regal and when drawing her you have to go for it. I like to exaggerate people's features because that's what makes my drawings have the personality they have. The only problem is that people love my drawings of OTHER people not so much of themselves. We were sitting on the beach and I asked Yun if I could draw her. Translation: can you sit still? For some reason Yun can't sit still. If I start drawing her face, she puts on her sunglasses. If I start drawing her hat she nods off and starts sleeping in a different position. If I draw her hand, she starts leafing through her paperback. I can't win. Through it all I managed to get this drawing done. I like it a lot and Yun mildly approved. I consider that a victory.

The Farm

I talk a lot about my friend Patrick Lango's farm in upstate New York. Not many people have close friends who are dairy farmers. I do. So I thought I would share a few photos I took when I was up there last. I'm not much of a photographer but I try. Yes, that's me in the cowboy hat drawing.

Jersey Shore

Yun and I went to visit my parents at their house on the New Jersey shore. I've avoided the beach over the last few years. Somehow I convinced myself I don't like the beach so much anymore. I went everyday as a kid and teenager but somehow I've lost my mojo. For some reason I really started to enjoy myself and the water again. I went into the local surf shop and started to buy everything in sight. When I was a kid I was a master skateboarder. I could do all sorts of stunts and tricks. I used to be able to do a handstand on top of three skateboards stacked one on top of the other. I could do it the length of two basketball courts. Anyway I've seemed to have rekindled the bug and I'm glad about it. I was even eyeballing a very long skateboard in the store. Stay tuned, I may end up in the hospital in a few weeks.

Jul 13, 2008


The weekend of the 4th of July Yun and I went up to my friend's farm outside of Buffalo, New York. Part of the way we drove through Pennsylvania. Fireworks are legal there. They have these super stores that sell everything imaginable. I bought tons of cool bombs and missiles. One night all of us went up on Pat's hill into a big open field. We set up a table and started the fireworks display. Of course I had to have a few beers first, otherwise it's no fun. Pat's brother-in-law Bill helped me. He had a butane torch to light everything with. Yun said everyone else was making fun of us. Look at the two drunk idiots with beers and blowtorches about to cause an accident. Pat said when he was a little kid, that after 4th of July weekend some kid always came in to school with three fingers missing. Yun likes when I'm the butt end of jokes. Anyway it all went off without a hitch. In fact, it was great.


I have a new fan page on facebook. If anyone is a member of facebook you can go to this link and and become a fan of mine. That would be cool. I'm trying to build it up a bit so I could use a few new fans . You can also friend me on facebook, here.


A cool thing Yun and I did over the 4th of July weekend was to go to a Rodeo. I'd seen one before at Madison Square Garden a long time ago. This one was outdoors at night. It was fantastic. The had great BBQ chicken and hot dogs and of course, cold beer. There were stands on one side of the ring and hay bails set up on a hill on the other side of the ring. There was clowns and dog acts but they also had roping and bull riding. It was a very visual old school feeling event. I loved every minute of it. I was drawing and many little kids gathered around to see me do my little magic trick of making a drawing appear. It was good clean wholesome fun for all. I also posted a a few photos of Tasio and I that Yun took. He's my godson.

Jul 12, 2008


When I first started to draw, all I wanted to do was faces. I'd look at Mad magazine and be amazed that the artists could capture famous people's faces so well. It fascinated me. Nothing much has changed. My favorite thing to draw is still people's faces. I almost always succeed at getting people to look like themselves. The only time I fail is with Yun. I really have to try and do a great one of her to redeem myself.

Polly Anna

We have a summer intern at work. His name is Chris and he went to the School of Visual arts in Manhattan. I wanted to make some little buttons for my blog links. He showed me how to do it. He was checking out my blog and noticed I was not sizing my photos properly. I was making everything too big. He showed me a few tricks. Not being brought up around computers and never haven taken a class, I am always fumbling my way through things. So it was nice to have a lesson or two from a twenty year old. I can now rest easier at night knowing knowing my images are bicubic smoother. Whatever that means.

Jul 9, 2008


The is a water buffalo that lives on my friend Pat's farm. The thing is enormous. Bill (Pat's brother-in-law) told Yun and I that they kept it as a pet. It's as friendly as the nicest dog you've ever met. Her name is Buffy. You can sit on her, lay on her, even grab her face and she loves it all. She has two huge horns but they seem to be smashed against her head out of the way. Bill said they do that to them when they are a baby. They burn the horns somehow. The horns are very dangerous and can do serious damage if you are not careful. Anyway bill said they started to let the buffalo out to hang out with the cows and all of a sudden her personality changed. He said she became very protective of the cows and she started to menace Pat nad Bill. She was becoming unpredictable. There are kids around so they can't take a chance. Buffy is going to live with another farmer who has a bunch of water buffalo himself. Maybe she'll find a mate.

Jul 7, 2008


When I was at my friend Pat's farm, he told me that they sometimes get bats in the house. He lives in a giant old barn converted into the family's living quarters. Yun and I were staying upstairs in the main room. We were having some wine late one night about to go to sleep. I looked up and noticed their was a bat hanging on the wall. Of course I said nothing to Yun. She would have freaked out and then we couldn't have slept in that room. I was too tired to deal with that so I just said nothing. I signaled to Pat and he saw it too and laughed. He told us a story about one cat in particular that he had. The cat was an expert at catching bats. He said when a bat gets in the house it will fly around. He doesn't care but his wife would go nuts. The cat would observe the bat and then pick it's moment and then leap into the air. He'd snag the bat in mid flight and trap him under his paw on the ground. Pat said he never killed them. Just trapped them. Then Pat would scoop them up and release them outside. Too bad for us his latest cat, Jimino, didn't have similar skills. We slept fine and I noticed the bat was gone in the morning.


I found a cool flickr site. It's the Smithsonian Insitute. There sure is a lot of groovy stuff on there to draw. Check it out here if you have a flickr account.

Jul 3, 2008

The Way I Draw

This has happened many times in my career. In advertising when I sell an idea to a client I always show them in the form of a drawing. It's great being able to draw so well. Most art directors can't draw at all. The problem is that people fall in love with my little drawings. I give them a lot of personality. What ends up happening a lot, is that the clients are let down by the final result after the ad is photographed for real. They love my dumb little drawings better. These are just some dumb doodles I did while thinking about some ads I had to do.