Jun 18, 2008

Feline 2

By now everyone knows about my love of television from the sixties. So every once in a while I seek out a photo from that era to draw. I found this great publicity shot of Julie Newmar, who was Catwoman on the old Batman show. When people in Los Angles would ask me if they could look through my drawing book. They always stopped on this drawing. They loved it because it is a kind of headshot, which everyone in Hollywood has, even if you are not an actor. Today every photo is so expertly done and heavily retouched. The nice thing about this photo was that it was not retouched at all. It was her actual boobs. It was a beautiful woman, flaws and all. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Jun 17, 2008


I don't know if I will go on vacation this summer or not. We have nothing planned. Yun has a few trips to make for work. Mostly I am still fixing up our new apartment. One good thing is that it is very big. The bad news is that means I have to fix and paint a lot of space. Why I like going on vacation is that I get a lot of drawing done. Yun always has something up her sleeve. Maybe we are going somewhere but I just don't know it yet. Stay tuned.

Jun 8, 2008

Free Time To Draw

This is one of those dumb drawings that I do when I get a moment of free time at work. actually I didn't really have a free moment at work. I willed myself to do it anyway because I haven't draw there in a while. Usually in this type of instance I just draw whatever comes into my head. I use humor because it comes very easy to me. I'm naturally silly by nature. I've been trying to use the watercolors on my lined notebook paper. Came out not too bad.


The Skybar in Los Angeles is great. It's connected to the pool at The Mondrian Hotel. On weekends during the day it gets pretty crazy. People are drunk by four o'clock. The tall models in bikinis and high heels are dancing like strippers by five thirty. It's a funny scene. not everyone is staying at the hotel though. They let in a certain amount of so-called guests. Crazy party people. They do do make it more fun. I did this drawing early in the day before it starts to get out of control. I used to like standing at the top of the steps and watch the sun go down over the city just as the lights of the pool would go on.

A Wonder To Behold

Every once in a while a drawing comes out perfect. This is one such drawing. If I tell you it took no effort at all, believe me it's true. The thing just flowed out of my pen onto the paper. It's as great a sketch as I've ever done. I don't know why but I just love this one. This is the reason I struggle to draw each day. Every once in a while you get to hit one out of the ball park.

St. Louis Cardinal

I have still been drawing on cardboard. Here is the latest in my series of animals with guns. My favorite animals are birds, so of course I had to do a cardinal. It naturally has a mask on its face like a criminal. This one came out quite well.

Nature Calls

I almost never do a drawing of nature. That's because living in a city, I rarely see any. While making a television commercial in Los Angeles, I had a little free time. I was sitting in the backyard of the house we used for a location in Pasedena. There was this nice little tree so I decided to give it a whirl. Kind of turned out pretty good. Maybe I'll try to seek out some more nature to draw. I've been cooped up too long.

Sunset Strip

When I went to Los angeles the first time, it was with my friend Ken Nahoum. He was a hot shot photographer at the time. It was over twenty years ago. We were constantly shooting low end celebrities. I was always ending up at dinner in places like Audrey Hepurn's sons house or getting into fights with Jack Palance. Wacky things seemed to always happen to me. Anyway the point of the story is that Ken I would usually end up here, in this old strip joint. It's the strip club Motley Crew wrote the song, Girls Girls Girls, about. Nice to know that it is still standing.

How To

There is a piece on me in the new issue of How Magazine. August 2008 issue. My friend Danny Gregory is putting out a book on creative people and their sketchbooks. It's going to be called, An Illustrated Life. I'll let everyone know when it comes out. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from the article. Many people in the industry read it. It came out very nice and I didn't sound too much like a moron.

Tim Russert

My wife knows not to bother me on Sunday mornings. I love to watch all the political talk shows. Chris Matthews, Stephanopoulos, McLaughlin Group and Meet the Press. It's great seeing George Will and Pat Buchanan battle with Eleanor Cliff and Sam Donaldson. I can't get enough, especially in this crazy political season. I like everyone else, was shocked when Tim Russert died so suddenly. Too bad he won't be around to see Barak become president. If you are a fan of the show then you know he would have loved that. You could tell who he was for. Not only did I enjoy when he beat up on Republicans but he was also from Buffalo, New York. I went to school in Buffalo and actually follow the lowly Buffalo Bills. Me and him have a lot more things in common. We're both Irish and went to catholic schools and were taught by mean angry nuns who didn't take any of our crap. About the only thing we don't have in common was our weight. I was going to draw mustard and ketchup all over his tie and jacket but seeing as he died I thought I would cut him a break with all my drawing antics. Someday our beloved Buffalo Bills will win a super bowl. Also one day the Buffalo Sabres hockey team will capture the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately it won't be during Obama's two terms but I will keep you posted Big Russ.

Tour Guide

I never understood the tour bus thing. Sitting in a bus or mini van and being driven around and have weird stuff pointed out to you. It seems like the biggest tourist activity in Los Angeles is doing just that. I was sitting in front of the Comedy Store on Sunset and bus after bus pulled up. People stared out the window and nodded their heads or snapped a photo. Big deal. There is nothing there. Paulie Shore's mom owns the place and Kramer used some racial epithets there. I can't see spending the day going around and looking at Wayne Newton's old driveway or the house where Paris Hilton's gardener lives. I'd rather be out amongst the people myself, without the protection of a bus window. This way I can see up close and personal just how phony everyone there is.


This joint has been on the Sunset Strip for a million years. It was right across the street from where I was staying. I drew it because my cousins are named Carney. My cousin Eileen was very excited that I wrote about her on my blog in the past. I figured this was a great excuse to write about her again.

Jun 7, 2008


I stayed at the Mondrian hotel when I was working in Los Angeles. It's a very groovy place if you know what I mean. There was a lot of construction going on at the time. It was kind of like that tv commercial where every time the guy tries to talk to his wife you hear drilling instead. The first two days my room key didn't work so I would have to get security to take me each time. The room looked like Liberace decorated it. I love Liberace as much as anyone but I don't want to live in his house. The saving grace to the hotel is the pool and Skybar. When I first went to the pool it is quite a scene. Hot models in bikinis and high heels. Everyone had on sunglasses except me. Perfect tans and bodies. Very intimidating. I sat down took out my little drawing tools and started to draw and paint. For some reason it caused a commotion. People flocked to me and wanted to see what I was doing. they were blown away by my work. By the first afternoon, I knew every waitress, pool boy and hot model. The second day a few co-workers came to the pool to see me surrounded. They couldn't understand what was going on. Hot girls would come by and say hello. Some even said they went to my website and knew all of my work. If I got to the pool late in the afternoon and there was no lounge chairs available, the pool boys, Vito or Chad said to me it was no problem. They were saving a special spot for me. Rappers came by to high five me, hot girls hovered around and my co-workers stared in disbelief. Like I said, I had a good time in Los Angeles this time. My boos asked if he could borrow my drawing books and paints. I said no problem but I'm not sure it would be the same. I also have to give a shout out to Brittney, Lea and Bianca.

Back To L.A.

I've been to Los Angeles a million times and I always hate it. This time I actually had a great time. I must be losing it. I won't root for the Lakers though. Even though I'm a New Yorker, I'm pulling for the Celtics. Ouch. The Knicks will never be in it so I have to root for someone. How come I'm never on a flight that is playing a cool movie. They must see that I am flying and search for the worst movies ever made and then make sure that's what I get to choose from. Flying is out of control. I'm am a skinny little dude but even I can't fit in the seats anymore. Airlines must have added a few seats to each plane because there is virtually no leg room left on airplanes. I feel bad for the big guys. My advice to people is stay home.

Jun 5, 2008

Campaign Sticker

Everyone feels John McCain will continue many of the bad policies of George W. Bush. There are even a few photos of them hugging and kissing each other. This is a very obvious idea but I haven't seen anyone do it yet. I took John McCain's campaign logo and turned it into a slightly different logo. I sent my idea to a political website and they loved it. At first I had GeorgeWMcBush.com at the bottom. They looked into buying the domain name but it was taken. I changed it to JohnMcBush.com but I'm sure that is taken too by now. My idea was to make a website that pointed out all of the similarities of the two men. There could also be plenty of photos of Bush and McCain at their fund raisers and whatnot.