Apr 22, 2008


I have decided on a new course of action. I will not post any more drawings on flickr until two weeks after they have appeared on my blog. Too many people are going directly to my flickr site to see what is going to be happening here before I have time to debut them on my site. Folks are missing out on my little tales. There are still a bunch more over there that will become blog posts but there are many new drawings I have stored up that are not going on to flickr until well after they are posts here. It is my own fault for setting this bad precedent but now it will be rectified. If you want to see what I'm up to you will have to come here first.

Apr 21, 2008


Now that Yun and I are all unpacked and settled in I have been doing a lot of painting. Not the kind you would imagine, with me standing in front of my easel but rather the kind that has my ass up on a ladder painting the walls of our new apartment. As a house painter I have mad skills. In fact I may be the best in the world. We now have twelve foot ceilings and I have painted the living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and hallways. I've done it all with a three inch brush and no drop cloth. That's right. When we left out last apartment I painted the whole thing with a small brush and no drop cloth too. I hang by one foot high over our furniture while I attempt depth defying feats of acrobatics to reach impossible spots. Perfectly edging ceilings in a single stroke. I didn't move the furniture very much and never spilled a drop. I will be glad when it is done but I amaze even myself every time I pick up a paint brush and start working. I am super fast and efficient. Soon I'll be able to return to that easel.

Apr 20, 2008

The Light's All Shining On Me

Yun and I have a friend named Peggy who loves the Grateful Dead. Personally I never liked their music but Peggy actually got me to finally see what I'd been missing. Now I dig them. It was Peggy's birthday and she was having a little party in a local bar near us. Yun knitted her a cool purple scarf. I had some free time at work that day so I did this watercolor of Jerry to give to her. It was funny because when Yun and I gave her the gifts one of Peggy's friends said loudly, "you both MADE your gifts for her!" It did kind of make us appear super human Martha Stewart like. I hadn't thought of it until that moment. It was more a coincidence that Yun and I happened to do this. When the girl said that it made it seem like we do this all of the time, which we don't. It made us feel good and I hope it made Peggy feel special.

Apr 18, 2008

Artist's Magazine

There is an article in the new Artist's Magazine about the Portrait Party and Rama Hughes. I am also mentioned.
There is a little blurb on me at The Design Files.
I also got a mention on NotCot.org.

Apr 9, 2008

Riad Roof

I went up to the roof of where we were staying to do this drawing. It was a bit hard to stand and draw but I did it anyway. I'm wearing my little hand knit Muslim cap. Keeps my head from burning up. Women are not allowed to dance in public in Muslim countries. Yun and I ran into two Irish women. One said she was always getting into trouble because she was dancing. We saw a woman dancing under veils surrounded by musicians in a public square. On closer inspection it turned out to be a transvestite. Yun had to explain a lot of things to me in Morocco. I put some stamps I bought on my drawing. Yun and I kept joking that it was nice that the Moroccans put Derek Jeter on their stamps.

Leave Whitey Alone

I was very fascinated with the butcher shops in Essaouira. They really gave me the feeling of going back in time. It's as close as you can get to someone chasing a chicken around and killing it and plucking the old feathers right in front of you. All the meat is hung out in the open, heads and all. I loved drawing the shops as the butchers eyed me wearily. Kids were always stopping by and getting yelled at by people to leave me alone, even though they weren't bothering me in the least.