Nov 9, 2008

Streets Of Fire

When drawing I sometimes like to have themes. I'll draw several hot dog carts or several Chinese restaurants. I do a kind of series. Artists are famous for that crap. Draw one thing but just keep doing it over and over. So I drew a couple of firehouses. I did them in a very long format. Big, to make them impressive. So here is my series of dos.


Anonymous said...

The long format is very cool on these.
Ed Beard

Tommy Kane said...

I just invented the long format.

larry said...

Great job on engine co 14...I recognized it immediately having walked by it a thousand times. I painted it myself on a book cover. It's on 18th by Union Square. Nice drawing!


Tommy Kane said...

Yes you are right. That's where it is.

jennifermlee said...

when i come to new york, we should go drawing with our long papers in hand!

Tommy Kane said...

i would to draw with you. let em know when.

winna said...

You must be drawing lead free---something I have shied away from--I think my head would explode with the concentrated effort till it was done---little by little maybe, but not all at once. Do you stand there and do this? That would kill me, right there---standing that long---so that's two strikes--

jennifermlee said...

haha ive already added you on that "follow blogger" contraption :]

now its your turn to add me on that! i know i dont post much that will change, soon enough and i dont think i have any followers right now hehe

hope your thanksgiving is marvelous!

Tommy Kane said...

No I don't stand Winna. I have a little camping stool I sit on.
Jennifer I tried to add you as a follower but it says you have no feed. I don't know what that means.

Tomás Serrano said...

Fabulous web. And I like your funny comments in your blog, he he.

BMoon said...

Amazing pen and ink work. Lovely.

deedoubleyou said...

just came across your blog - ilove your drawings!! esp this one. awesoem work

喜洋洋 said...