Nov 16, 2008

Leonardo I'm Not

When I do a drawing, I strive for perfection. I am trying to make it look as real as possible. Basically I'm trying to make it look like a photograph. The only problem is they never come out that way. I struggle and stumble and constantly make mistakes. In the end my sketches look nothing like what I am trying to do. That is how I developed my style. You can always tell a Tommy Kane drawing. Most people just don't know that I'm a very good artist who makes really bad drawings. In my mind I set out to make a brilliant James Jean type of drawing and I always fall way short. Hence, the look of the my work. I wanted this to look like a Leonardo sketch. that was my intention. Instead it's a glorified cartoon with some color splashed on it. I guess I just have to keep on trying. That's what keeps me going.


Nita said...

I can't imagine why you'd want to be a Leonardo-clone when you can be a Kane original, recognizable at a glance as uniquely YOU.

Truly, this way we have 2 excellent artists, not one and a copy.

Jassy Lupa said...

Wow! You strive to draw like James Jean and I try to draw like Tommy Kane! What I love about your drawing is the humor and fun that comes through. That is priceless, warm, and wonderful.

While when I sit down to begin a drawing I have lofty ambitions too, wanting to make an incredibly perfect drawing similar to a James Jean or France Belleview or Tommy Kane, what I love most about my own drawing is that it always surprises me. If I had more control and could make all my desires come true on the page, then I would loose that surprise element. Wouldn't I? It is never boring, for sure.

I love your work, and am addicted to your blog. It really keeps me inspired.

Jassy Lupa

Tommy Kane said...

Thank you for saying that. Even I need compliments. good points by both of you.

larry said...

I'm not suggesting for a moment that every artist shouldn't strive for to be better, that's why we sketch, but it leads to an interesting topic that the first two posters touch on. Do you ever worry that your path towards leonardo-esque genius might stear you away from what others find endearing in your work?

Tommy Kane said...

If I didn't keep striving I'm afraid my work would still look like my drawings in 8th grade. Also I know I can make my drawing look like they do now. Maybe there is a chance that by evolving to an even better skill level all of you may like the work better. We won't know until I get there.

larry said...

Agreed...just playing devils advocate.

Tommy Kane said...

You know your stuff Larry.

kate b. said...

im glad your work doesn't look like leonardo. i personally find his work boring, and, frankly, i don't ever find myself yawning when i look at your blog.

Tommy Kane said...

that's only because Leonardo wasn't funny.

josé louro said...

Its always, more or less, the same to everbody. Except for James Jean...

BMoon said...

Gorgeous....perfection as is. Don't go for photorealism, we'd all miss your tremendous style!

Mónica Bracons said...

hahaha, for me is the same, I always draw in my mind, but never comes out as I was thinking!

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