Oct 12, 2008

Sleaze Factor

I'm shocked at the amount of phone calls I received from ambulance chasers after my car accident. The world is full of sleazy people trying to con the system and make a few extra bucks. It sucks knowing the large amount of people who must go along with this crap. They smell a little free money and say, Ok I'll go have my neck and back checked out even though I'm fine. Gives me the creeps.
There is an interview with me in French at a groovy site. Check it out here.


Felicity said...

Didn't know you had a car accident - I hope you're OK after it, even the lesser injuries can have long lasting effects.

Tommy Kane said...

I did a drawing of it. It's in one of my older posts.

Anita Davies said...

Phones drive me nuts, strangers trying to sell me crap I didn't ask for and I am supposed to be x-directory too!
Glad to hear you're feeling fine after your accident, often things can show up a day or so after when the body relaxes...Pleased to hear it's not the case with you.
Great sketch!

Tommy Kane said...

I hate phones too.

josé louro said...

Hi Tommy
As you said in urbansketches im putting you in my link list and im
following your blog.
here is my link:

Lisa Reed said...

Hello Tommy,
I am so glad to see you on Urban Sketchers. You have been on my blogroll for a while. If you wish to add me to yours, I'd be honored!