Oct 7, 2008

End Of Coney Island

Everyone has heard of Coney Island. Yun and I now live very close to it. Unfortunately it is about to be demolished. It's so sad because it was such a magical decadent place. One weekend we went so I could take some photos. There were people around but I shot it to purposely look empty and bleak. My next few posts will be the photos I shot. Sad.


Meridth Gimbel said...

That is so devistating! :(

spacedlaw said...

Incredible. That place is a monument!

Anonymous said...



Every time we went there while visiting our bil & sil we always took the kids there.

WHY??!! Cn't it be declared a National Historic Landmark or something? Because it IS.

~ Peggasus

Tommy Kane said...

It's owned by people who want to make a change. Land of condos. Maybe the market tanking will effect the sale.

Andrea said...


Tommy Kane said...