Sep 27, 2008

Morning Radio

When driving to work in the morning, my favorite radio show is Boomer and Carton. The are on WFAN sports radio in New York. I love that friggin show. It's the number one rated morning show. Craig Carton is the out of his mind lunatic and Boomer is the voice of reason. Anyway I got the chance to make a little television spot with Boomer Esiason. He used to be the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets. It was very cool to hang with someone I listen to everyday. He turned out to be the nicest guy on the planet. We have a producer at work named Joanne. She has season tickets to the Yankees and knows everything about sports. I invited her along to the shoot. We talked to Boomer about New York sports for half an hour. He was very funny and gracious. It's nice when your heroes turn out to be nice. In the past I've met some douche bags but that another story.