Aug 16, 2008

Location Scouting

I was doing a shoot with Andy Glass. This is a sketch I did at our location in New Jersey. The location scout and I were talking and he told me a cool story. He was doing a commercial for the "I love New York" ad campaign. The director wanted to do a shot of the Chrysler building just when the lights came on. Jimmy, the location guy did some calling around town and found out that there is a computer hooked up to the lights and that someone can actually turn on the lights by hand. To make a long story short he got a hold of the dude who is in charge. For $500 bucks they agreed to do it. Mind you, this was a long time ago and it is probably a lot more dough than that now. Anyway the night of the shoot they were 20 blocks away from the building on the street. He said the director turned to him and said he was ready for the shot. Jimmy called the dude on his cell phone and said, "now." All of a sudden the lights went on in the Chrysler building. Everyone around him was amazed. The director had to do the shot a few times. Jimmy said he told the guy to shut them off and presto, they went off. There he was, a nerdy little guy with a cell phone saying "off" and "on", and it was instantly happening. People started to stop and gather on the street watching him. How amazing is that?


fika said...

he must have felt god-like!

Tommy Kane said...

Very god-like.

larry said...

I love the view of Manhattan from the Jersey side just as the sun is setting, when the night is rising up behind the skyline and the buildings glow from the reflection of the sun setting behind you.

Nice story... It's so funny that there's a light switch thrower guy...reminds my of those Bud Light, real men of genius ads...Here's to you Mr. Chrysler Building light switch thrower.

Tommy Kane said...

I'm going to steal that idea.

喜洋洋 said...