Jul 28, 2008

What To Draw

There are times when I have no say in what I can draw. Case in point, my trip to Maryland with Yun for her niece's one year old birthday party. I brought all my drawing stuff but there was never any time to draw. I took the train back to New York on Sunday morning by myself. When I sat in my seat, it was the first time I could relax all weekend. It was also the only time I could do a little drawing. Therefore I had no choice really. I had to draw what was available to me at that moment on the train. Sometimes it is good to have what I can draw dictated to me by life's circumstances. So for all of you wondering, what should I draw? How about opening your eyes and drawing what's right in front of you.


Kodak the Eskie said...

That's such a artist thing to do. I was taking the bus home from Mpls. to the suburbs one December when some young art student decided to draw me. I was hung over and not in the mood and tried to hide in my scarf and hat. Talk about paranoia. Having someone just start sketching you and not saying anything. At the end of the trip, the 20 year old showed me his sketch, and I smiled.

Jeannette said...

Ok, I will draw your blog then.

Tommy Kane said...

Now you got the idea.

Janiece said...

Ah! I cant draw even if my life depended on it but i tend to do the same thing with writing.
I wonder, what do i I write about and life is full of things to analyze and write about :)

Gooood Post, one of my favorites youve done.

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