Jul 3, 2008

The Way I Draw

This has happened many times in my career. In advertising when I sell an idea to a client I always show them in the form of a drawing. It's great being able to draw so well. Most art directors can't draw at all. The problem is that people fall in love with my little drawings. I give them a lot of personality. What ends up happening a lot, is that the clients are let down by the final result after the ad is photographed for real. They love my dumb little drawings better. These are just some dumb doodles I did while thinking about some ads I had to do.


Marcia said...

I love these little guys! Reminds me of some comix I used to read in the late 60s.

Kim said...

I always wonder how people get to be art directors and can't draw out a thumbnail or concept to save their lives. They just open Photoshop and start skinning. tsk, tsk. So sad. Your work is exceptional, so I can see why clients get attached.