Jul 20, 2008


I do millions of drawings at airports. The trick becomes how to do the same drawing over and over and make it look different. I like that I do them all in my moleskine book with watercolors. It gives them the look of a series of drawings. This one I just focused on the tail. In the shadow I wrote, "I am merely a single sardine jammed into the sealed up tin." I always meet people at the airport. People are bored waiting around for flights and I am a good distraction with my folding chair, drawing book, brushes and watercolor set. They want to see what I'm up to. Once they observe my drawing they want to look through my sketchbook. Usually I carry a couple. This way I can keep doing the painting I'm working on and they have a sketchbook or two to go through. People always give me their business card and take one of mine. Then they get home and log on to see my websites and tell their friends and family about the strange guy who draws in airports. If they are photographers, jewelry designers or some creative type, I log on to their site when I get home. Before I started drawing in sketchbooks, I hardly met anyone at airports. Now I'm a mini celebrity.


Sandy said...

I bet you are a celebrity - I would love to browse your sketchbooks in person!!

Tommy Kane said...

If you get to New York, let me know.

Mike Davis said...

The colors are perfect for LAX.It seems to always be covered with a brownish-green haze.

free[k]hand said...

Great story, and great drawing (as usual).

Tommy Kane said...

I think the brownish green haze is from all the money.

larry said...

You mean not every illustrator is an agoraphobic, cloistered away in their ivory tower studio?

Nice drawing...btw

fika said...

my friends and i frequent your blog and we talk about you at school.

Tommy Kane said...

Thank you Fika. I'm sure you talk about how stupid I seem. If that's what you are talking about I'm sure my wife will agree with you.

fika said...

no, we talk about how modest you are and how excited we are going to be if you get your drawings published.

Tommy Kane said...

Thanks Fika. I'm very humbled by your comments.

Prude said...

no, we talk about how modest you are and how excited we are going to be if you get your drawings published.

喜洋洋 said...