Jul 9, 2008


The is a water buffalo that lives on my friend Pat's farm. The thing is enormous. Bill (Pat's brother-in-law) told Yun and I that they kept it as a pet. It's as friendly as the nicest dog you've ever met. Her name is Buffy. You can sit on her, lay on her, even grab her face and she loves it all. She has two huge horns but they seem to be smashed against her head out of the way. Bill said they do that to them when they are a baby. They burn the horns somehow. The horns are very dangerous and can do serious damage if you are not careful. Anyway bill said they started to let the buffalo out to hang out with the cows and all of a sudden her personality changed. He said she became very protective of the cows and she started to menace Pat nad Bill. She was becoming unpredictable. There are kids around so they can't take a chance. Buffy is going to live with another farmer who has a bunch of water buffalo himself. Maybe she'll find a mate.


Pequete said...

Poor Buffy... it mustn't be easy to live with one's horns so close to the head like that... The drawing is super, I love the way you crossed lines to get the fur's texture.

Tommy Kane said...

She poses very well.

lyn said...

Great blog! wonderful drawing, I've just been working on doing my pen strikes the shape of whatever I'm drawing. You have a great example of that here!

Tommy Kane said...

Glad to be of service.

Felicity said...

I commented on Flickr too but reading this reminded me of a bit of trivia I learned (I don't retain much usually!) while visiting Botswana - that water buffalo are actually the most dangerous animals in Africa based on the numbers of people they kill. I guess Buffy has a dark side...

Hill said...

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