Jun 8, 2008

Tim Russert

My wife knows not to bother me on Sunday mornings. I love to watch all the political talk shows. Chris Matthews, Stephanopoulos, McLaughlin Group and Meet the Press. It's great seeing George Will and Pat Buchanan battle with Eleanor Cliff and Sam Donaldson. I can't get enough, especially in this crazy political season. I like everyone else, was shocked when Tim Russert died so suddenly. Too bad he won't be around to see Barak become president. If you are a fan of the show then you know he would have loved that. You could tell who he was for. Not only did I enjoy when he beat up on Republicans but he was also from Buffalo, New York. I went to school in Buffalo and actually follow the lowly Buffalo Bills. Me and him have a lot more things in common. We're both Irish and went to catholic schools and were taught by mean angry nuns who didn't take any of our crap. About the only thing we don't have in common was our weight. I was going to draw mustard and ketchup all over his tie and jacket but seeing as he died I thought I would cut him a break with all my drawing antics. Someday our beloved Buffalo Bills will win a super bowl. Also one day the Buffalo Sabres hockey team will capture the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately it won't be during Obama's two terms but I will keep you posted Big Russ.


Arty Velarde said...

Nice little tribute and of course great drawing as usual. My husband watches all those Sunday programs too. I get to bother him though...we have dvr. He just pauses it and replays the missed part. THAT's how I got to know Tim Russert and I will miss him too.

Melinda Bilecki said...

Hi, Tommy! I don't comment often, but your blog is one of the few that I check religiously. I LOVE it. It keeps me inspired to go out and draw all the time. I was hoping you'd draw Tim Russert. What a great guy and a great news man. Your drawing and comments are a perfect memorial. Thanks for posting them.

Janiece said...

Great Sketch!

Tommy Kane said...

Thanks everyone. Us Irish have to stick together.

Anonymous said...

This is great Tommy - a Washington hero - I was totally impressed with his regularness even he though he had mucho $$$$

yep Us Irish do have to honor our own and you did us proud


Hitech Stupidity said...

Nice sketch

Tommy Kane said...

I'm Good like that.

Anonymous said...

kind of like heath ledger, this is another very talented person who has died too young. While I was not always a tim russert fan, I admired his intelligence and probing questions. I think he asked some of the most probing questions during the democratic debates.

very nice sketch of tim russert.

Tommy Kane said...

Ledger's cool new movie is opening soon.

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