Jun 5, 2008

Campaign Sticker

Everyone feels John McCain will continue many of the bad policies of George W. Bush. There are even a few photos of them hugging and kissing each other. This is a very obvious idea but I haven't seen anyone do it yet. I took John McCain's campaign logo and turned it into a slightly different logo. I sent my idea to a political website and they loved it. At first I had GeorgeWMcBush.com at the bottom. They looked into buying the domain name but it was taken. I changed it to JohnMcBush.com but I'm sure that is taken too by now. My idea was to make a website that pointed out all of the similarities of the two men. There could also be plenty of photos of Bush and McCain at their fund raisers and whatnot.


Alan said...

Right on

Cully said...

try bush-mccainchallenge.com and see how you fare!

Tommy Kane said...

Go Obama.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, Tommy. I'm still rooting for Ron Paul, though. -Keith

Sam said...

I would definitely buy a sticker or shirt if this was printed.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue. Osama isn't running against Bush.

Anonymous said...

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