Jun 7, 2008

Back To L.A.

I've been to Los Angeles a million times and I always hate it. This time I actually had a great time. I must be losing it. I won't root for the Lakers though. Even though I'm a New Yorker, I'm pulling for the Celtics. Ouch. The Knicks will never be in it so I have to root for someone. How come I'm never on a flight that is playing a cool movie. They must see that I am flying and search for the worst movies ever made and then make sure that's what I get to choose from. Flying is out of control. I'm am a skinny little dude but even I can't fit in the seats anymore. Airlines must have added a few seats to each plane because there is virtually no leg room left on airplanes. I feel bad for the big guys. My advice to people is stay home.


LitPark said...

This is very funny!

Tommy Kane said...

It's not so funny to be on an airplane these days.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you didn't make these comments (totally valid of course) when you flew to Morocco.

I enjoy your blog. You have some very neat hatching.

Tommy Kane said...

Damn the Lakers won one.

Anonymous said...

hi tommy,
i love LA, the sunshine and ocean.
i just took a train to atlanta and back from nyc...talk about an adventure. it would be a bit much to do it to LA...but have you tried an overnight train in the states?
different folk, different food...plenty of room. at times glorious and other times maddening.
plenty to sketch/draw/paint.

spacedlaw said...

Artificial light? Suitable for artificial boobs, isn't it?

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