May 18, 2008

TV Guide

When I was a kid I watched television all the time. Every spare minute I was glued to the tube. It's a big reason I make tv commercials for a living. I know a lot about television. Today parents frown on their kids spending too much time watching the boob tube. I don't blame them seeing as there is nothing on really. When I was little there was seven channels and every show was brilliant. Today you have three hundred channels and not one decent show. I did a painting on cardboard of Batgirl. It is now owned by the great art duo, Sauerkids. Check out their genius work. I was feeling nostalgic so I did a little sketch of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl.


Anonymous said...

Ah... Barbara Gordon. That brings back memories!
I wish TV was as simple as it was 30 years ago. The only thing I really enjoy on TV anymore is national geo and history channel. Oh, and all of football season.

Tommy Kane said...

Football rules. HBO has some good show. The Wire and Entourage.

Anonymous said...

i loved batgirl...i always dreamed that batman and batgirl would get married and adopt me...and swoop me away from my normal life...i also dreamt that the six million dollar man and woman would do the same.

Tommy Kane said...

Very interesting thoughts.

Ninia Pastelillo said...

I love the squirrel of previous post!
Great blog!!!

Marcelo Braga said...

This Batgirl is the best thing I saw in the internet today!

Tommy Kane said...

I like your photo Ninia.

Terry Banderas said...

I like all of your art but you really did it with this one. Outstanding of all of your outstandings!!! Koufax is great too.

alex butterfield said...

Tommy, I really love your work, it's been inspiring me all night. I cant keep away from that older posts button. and its now 1.15 am.

I've been doing some menus for a coffee shop with chalk pens and using a crosshatch style that is similar to yours - at least that's the intention ;) - the chalk pens take to the boards in a very similar way to the colours in your sketches. I'd love to get a sketch book and some materials that will allow me to achieve the same sort of vibrancy. Could you recommend a good set of pens/pencils and paper?

喜洋洋 said...