May 15, 2008

Home Owners

Every step you take in Manhattan or Queens or Brooklyn, you run into a crane. Where there used to be quiet neighborhoods now there are residential skyscrapers. Who is going to buy this stuff. There's just not enough people. Yun and I moved to the boonies and they are tearing down every nook. It's an old Italian neighborhood. The old timers who have been there forever are now wanting to sell their properties to cash in. Developers want to build as high as they can to maximize profit. The problem is, it's a neighborhood that doesn't want too much height. There is a lot of plotting, planning and zoning going on. There are no American Apparel or Gaps but along with over development will come these eyesores. I guess all I can do is try and enjoy the moment before it all goes down the toilet. It's a vicious cycle. I'm sure when the old neighbors saw yuppies like Yun and I move in, they said "Oh no there goes the neighborhood. Time to sell to a sleazy developer."


Anonymous said...

you captured the mood of our "backyard" just right. I hope it stays this way.


Pequete said...

I think I understand how you feel. After my country joined the EU, in the 1980ies, and EU funds started pouring, there was this sudden building fever all over. Not skyscrappers, but large buildings and houses, highways and dams were suddenly being build everywhere, replacing the old, moorish-like white houses. L. and I run away to a remoter area of the country, 500 km up north (which is a v. large distance by our standards, by the way). When we were about to move to our new house, which is in the countryside, we used to have nightmares about the cranes and the building being all around us!