Apr 9, 2008

Riad Roof

I went up to the roof of where we were staying to do this drawing. It was a bit hard to stand and draw but I did it anyway. I'm wearing my little hand knit Muslim cap. Keeps my head from burning up. Women are not allowed to dance in public in Muslim countries. Yun and I ran into two Irish women. One said she was always getting into trouble because she was dancing. We saw a woman dancing under veils surrounded by musicians in a public square. On closer inspection it turned out to be a transvestite. Yun had to explain a lot of things to me in Morocco. I put some stamps I bought on my drawing. Yun and I kept joking that it was nice that the Moroccans put Derek Jeter on their stamps.


Felicity said...

I think I'd need to have some things explained too! I love seeing the photo with the sketch you did - and the cap suits you!

Tommy Kane said...


tracy said...

your art is great

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LitPark said...

Very cute in that cap.

Poking around to see everything I missed while I was on my workaholic binge. You are a mighty talent.

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Maria said...

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