Apr 21, 2008


Now that Yun and I are all unpacked and settled in I have been doing a lot of painting. Not the kind you would imagine, with me standing in front of my easel but rather the kind that has my ass up on a ladder painting the walls of our new apartment. As a house painter I have mad skills. In fact I may be the best in the world. We now have twelve foot ceilings and I have painted the living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and hallways. I've done it all with a three inch brush and no drop cloth. That's right. When we left out last apartment I painted the whole thing with a small brush and no drop cloth too. I hang by one foot high over our furniture while I attempt depth defying feats of acrobatics to reach impossible spots. Perfectly edging ceilings in a single stroke. I didn't move the furniture very much and never spilled a drop. I will be glad when it is done but I amaze even myself every time I pick up a paint brush and start working. I am super fast and efficient. Soon I'll be able to return to that easel.


LitPark said...

12-foot ceilings. Sounds spectacular! Let's see some pictures when you're done.

Tommy Kane said...

I will put some up. I'm a real fancy boy in Yun and I's new loft.

Peggasus said...

Ha! That's what I've been doing lately too! With the added fun of stripping wallpaper first. I have to tape, though, so you are clearly better than me.

And it's always SOOO funny when people hear that my degree is in painting and then ask, "What do you paint? Houses?!!" That never gets old.

Tommy Kane said...

That blue tape sure is pretty.

Sandy said...

Sounds like you have created perfect canvases for your imaginative art!! Great sketches as ALWAYS!

marcia said...

I'm taking a week of vacation to do our 10-ft ceilings for the first time....will have to try your hanging by one foot technique (but I think I'll need a padded dropcloth for when I lose my grip).

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