Apr 20, 2008

The Light's All Shining On Me

Yun and I have a friend named Peggy who loves the Grateful Dead. Personally I never liked their music but Peggy actually got me to finally see what I'd been missing. Now I dig them. It was Peggy's birthday and she was having a little party in a local bar near us. Yun knitted her a cool purple scarf. I had some free time at work that day so I did this watercolor of Jerry to give to her. It was funny because when Yun and I gave her the gifts one of Peggy's friends said loudly, "you both MADE your gifts for her!" It did kind of make us appear super human Martha Stewart like. I hadn't thought of it until that moment. It was more a coincidence that Yun and I happened to do this. When the girl said that it made it seem like we do this all of the time, which we don't. It made us feel good and I hope it made Peggy feel special.


Sandy said...

Well I would certainly feel special. Neat, one of a kind gifts for sure.

Tommy Kane said...

i'd love to get one. My wife made me one of her scarfs.

Anonymous said...

She was jealous and wanted a Mickey Dolenz watercolor.

Ed Beard

Tommy Kane said...

I would rather have painted Peter Tork.

Anonymous said...

Sure beats the scratch-off lottery tickets you gave me. - Keith

Tommy Kane said...

I seem to recall a few paintings you have in your office.

Arty Velarde said...

What awesome gifts! I couldn't think of anything better..
MY birthday is Friday..

-K- said...

There's an old Jerry Garcia album called "Old and In The Way" that is really fine. Not like the GD at all. I think its the kind of music he really preferred to play, at least in his earlier days.

Thats a very nice drawing of him.

Anonymous said...

Very nice drawing! I love the Dead...

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