Mar 14, 2008

Trip To Morocco

This is a little slide show of me and Yun's trip to Morocco. I made the
background music myself in garageband using kazoos and a banjo.


Nita said...

Oooo, fabulous doors, markets and skies! Thank you for this glimpse of the exotic!

Tommy Kane said...

Sure thing. I have a bunch of drawings I did there coming up.

Sharon said...

Better than an episode of Globe Trekker! Looks like you can spend years there and not run out of stuff to draw. Thanks for sharing. You guys make a cute couple!

Tommy Kane said...

I will go back for sure.

dominique said...

the kazoo was amazing...


Aadil said...

I like Morocco, Morocco brims over with contrast, color and mystery and all you can do is simply catch your breath in wonder. It has a timeless quality that no longer exists in the modern world. I love everything in Morocco: food, culture and traditions, Morocco property, people,etc. But i love local bazaars the most. I enjoyed to stroll around, to look at all the colourful stalls, the vendors, the visitors and to discover new stuff I never saw before and to find out what it might be.

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