Mar 19, 2008


We landed in Casablanca and then took a 40 minute shuttle to The Kesh. That's Marrakesh. The place we were staying at was supposed to meet us at the airport and take us to our Riad. Of course no one showed up. So we just got ourselves a cab. The guy couldn't drive into where we were staying because cars aren't allowed, so he just dumped us on the street. I don't know if any of you have ever been there but it's pretty intense to be dumped onto the street. We were totally lost, nothing is marked and we couldn't speak the language. I was in heaven. A kid tried to help us but he didn't know where the hell we were staying. Finally we walked into a little place and met a dude named Mohammed. Everyone is named Muhammed by the way. He called the riad we were staying and they had to send someone on foot to fetch us. He weaved us through the streets and alleyways past donkeys and chickens. There is no way on earth we could have ever found our riad. It would have been impossible. When we stepped inside, our place was glorious. It was a great beginning to a fantastic trip.


Claire said...

How totally fabulous! Nothing like being totally lost in a foreign land. I love these exotic posts. Thank you for sharing them! (And the new cardboard paintings! Fantastic.)
Also, I am impudently tagging you.
becuase no one should be exempt. Er, "left out".

Tommy Kane said...

It is fun being lost sometimes.

Sandy said...

Such suspense, I can't wait for the next episode - with sketches please !

Tommy Kane said...

More to follow.