Mar 23, 2008


Yun and I had the pleasure of being caught in a sand storm. We were on a terrace overlooking he main square. It was early afternoon when suddenly the sky grew ominously dark. You could see the storm approaching. The wind picked up like crazy. No one really moved at all. It was as if this happens all the time. At one point it felt like we were in the middle of a fire. We couldn't see five feet in front of us. Sand was blowing everywhere. There was lots of lightning to go with the show and there was some rain mixed in also. Finally we had enough and went for shelter. You couldn't see down the little alleyway where we were staying. Now I understand why the Berbers wrap their faces in scarfs. Makes sense to me now.


Margins. said...

Wow. That must have been quite the experience. These illustrations are AMAZING.

Tommy Kane said...

There are a few more to come.

Peggasus said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your drawings and commentary of your amazing trip. Soooo much better than photos in a way...

Tommy Kane said...

Everyone does photos. nothing more boring than someones vacation pictures. Snore.

LitPark said...

Aw, I've missed your drawings and your stories. I'll have to go back through the files and catch up when I have more than two seconds to spare.

Your Mets are looking good.

Tommy Kane said...

Baseball is in the air.

msmarg said...

I've been visiting your blog for quite a while, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy it. I love the combination of sketches with the comments. Not only do we get to see what you saw, but you tell us about it at the same time. Thank you!!

Tommy Kane said...

I'm funny like that.

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