Mar 23, 2008


Today is my birthday. I've changed the look of my blog. The photos are now much larger so it will be easier to read my little writings in the drawings. I upgraded to the new blogger finally. The spice market was my favorite place in Marrakesh. Yun and I met the owner of one of the shops. He spent a lot of time explaining all the different spices to us. He sold me some natural colors to paint with. Bugs crushed up into powdered form to get the color red. All different types of flowers reduced to powder and when you add water, the vibrant colors come to life. I have to try them out soon. He told us that in the past year, Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt and Leo DeCaprio had all been to the market. Now you can add me to the list.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Ed Beard

Tommy Kane said...

Thanks, it was really on Sunday but I forgot to post this.

imwithsully said...

Happy belated birthday. What a great idea to switch over to make the images larger. I've been thinking of switching to wordpress myself, so I can't imagine how long it will take. It must have taken some patience to do it.

Tommy Kane said...

It wasn't as bad as you'd think. It was my birthday gift to me.

fika said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tommy! Hope you had a nice one.

spacedlaw said...

The women sell their HATS there?
Am a little puzzled there (since I have seen plenty of women wearing veils of all sorts but no hats when in Morocco).

Tommy Kane said...

They are only allowed to do certain kinds of commerce. Making hats is one of them.

Felicity said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tommy!

Kitty said...

ah, happy birthday!!!

I love the photo. How cute!
It's something else when people stand and watch you draw. Usually people get nervous when they draw, but you're not self-conscious

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