Mar 23, 2008


People are always praying in Marrakesh. The Muslims pray five times a day starting at five in the morning. We were staying literally one door away from a temple. So when the prays started each morning I was basically right in the middle of the action. It was quite soothing actually. I always looked forward to it. Yun and I used to our advantage. when I would draw in the afternoon, Yun would say, meet me at such and such a place when the afternoon prayers begin. When those loudspeakers would start to crackle I knew it was time to go meet her. This door I drew was right next to a temple also. The head guy stool vigil out in the street intensely watching me draw. A store keeper brought me some mint tea while I was painting. He told me not to take any photos of the praying because they don't take to kind to it. No problemo. He said they dig my drawing though. I always obey the law of the streets.


spacedlaw said...

Lovely drawing as usual.
And your experience reminds me of what my Dad was telling me of his drawing in the streets there too.
Wishing you a great birthday.

Tommy Kane said...

Spacelaw. You're the best. thanks for the birthday wish. Hope You like the new blog layout. I upgraded my account and made my posts larger and easier to see.

Anonymous said...

It is called MAKKAH.
Please get your fact straight.

Tommy Kane said...

It has many names.

Anonymous said...

the facts described don't sound inaccurate -- he just didn't have the right word. Great and amazing drawing, tommy!

Anonymous said...

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