Mar 16, 2008

The Mighty Dollar

Moroccans are very poor people but they are proud and quite happy. I noticed in the local deli, which is about the size of a broom closet. I'm not joking it really is about the size of a broom closet. there is just a small window that looks onto the narrow street. Kids can buy candy or soda. They also sell cigarettes even though Muslims shouldn't smoke. I also noticed that most people only buy one cigarette at a time. A funny thing happened to Yun and I several times. If it hadn't happened a few times I would have thought it was a fluke. If you get lost in Marrakesh, which happened a few times, a kid will gladly take you to where you want to be for a tip. the streets a terribly marked and it is a crazy maze. So it works out for everyone. The tourists have the joy of being hopelessly lost in a strange land and the kids get to make a few bucks. When this first happened to us I had no Moroccan money on me so I offered the kid some american dollars. He refused and said it was no good but he wanted to know if I had Euros. I said no, it was all I had. I gave it to him but he said it was useless and gave it back and left. Lie I said if it didn't happen a couple of more times I wouldn't have believed it. It was like Mexican pesos or something. I know George Bush loves to tout how great he's done with our economy with his useless tax cuts for rich people and all but I'll take the word of an eight year beggar in the streets of Morroco. I'm glad he's leaving office soon because I don't think the dollar can withstand any more of his financial prowess.


thepowerguides said...

hhhmmm times are a changing , I can remember some 8 years ago going to Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong and the dollar was considered the best currency to use and often getting more in local currency than the official value , I am afraid we are seeing a seed change in the way the world views America


Tommy Kane said...

We are seeing it in the rear view mirror because it has alreay happened.

4ojos said...

Welcome to reality

Tommy Kane said...

We all live in a giant reality tv show.

Bambi-really said...

I love your cardboard drawings of late and all the portraits, but seeing this made me realize how much I have missed your man-on-the-street drawings. Fantastic.

For the first time ever, my Canadian money isn't the laughing stock of my American friends. It's crazy how quickly it happened...

Tommy Kane said...

And It's not over by a long shot.

Maria said...

Hi Tommy,

I love your sketches alot. Great job! The other reason am here is to let you know that you've been "tagged" by meeeeeeee! Well I know am a bit over excited!

Cheers :)

spacedlaw said...

It is not just that the euro is worth more, Tommy. With so many French people coming to Morocco (to visit but also more and more on retirement), they have a more ready use for the euros.

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