Mar 23, 2008

A First

This is the first country I've been to that there was no McDonalds, Starbucks or KFC. Amazing. I didn't think that was possible but apparently these guys have done it. I pray they are never allowed into this place. That was destroy it instantly. I can't picture passing a beautiful old spice souk and then spotting a 7eleven. The one thing they do have is tons of dentists. There are signs on like every street. The only thing is everyone has bad teeth or teeth missing. Are the dentists really fronts for something else? Are they just bad dentists. They are everywhere though. I have to figure that mystery out the next time I go.


Anonymous said...

my theory on the dentists is that everyone's drinking the sugary mint teas all day long!

Tommy Kane said...

And listening to Radiohead.

Anonymous said...

I love the orange carts -- there are so many of them in the square in marrakesh, all providing freshly squeezed OJ. While Tom was sketching this, the guy behind the cart came running around to see how Tom was coming along!


Anonymous said...

Love the Morocco trip pictures, orange cart so far my favorite. I have been trying to solve the why are there so many dry cleaners in Texas mystery.

m allison r said...

I don't think Starbuck's could sell a single cup of their miserable brew in the Middle East...

Tommy Kane said...

Probably because it's so hot in Texas all the time. The clothes are wilted.

Karma by Morgan said...

thats amazing, im so sick of fastfood world. yuck.

Tommy Kane said...

There's not too many in my new hood in Brooklyn either.

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