Feb 19, 2008


I didn't know what to expect on my way to Morocco. Will I like the food, will I get sick, are the people strange, will I get lost? I did this little drawing in the airport and on the plane as I read the in-flight magazine. the one thing I knew for sure is that I would do some great drawings while I was there. My wife made all the preparations. I was basically about to touch down in Marrakesh totally clueless. On the plane I kept singing the song by Crosby Stills and Nash, "Marrakesh Express". Yun had never heard it before.


juj said...

Great sketch - Morocco! Lucky you - unless of course you got sick and lost...
Were there goats in the Argan trees? I think they're fascinating.

Jason Raish said...

your new blog header looks super sweet!

Tommy Kane said...

Yes. Yun and I even saw the goats in the trees. It was fantastic. We didn't get sick but we sure got lost a few times. It was great.

Anonymous said...

The goats were in the trees either just hanging out or eating the nuts, with the goat herders just laughing their heads off. The western coast of Morocco where these trees can be found were stunningly beautiful. along their way, there were many women's collectives where they were selling the argan oils.


Celeste said...

Tommy Kane, I don't know who you are - we seem to know a person or two in common, but whatever. You rule. I smile to see your artwork, and await more armed animals with bated breath.

Tommy Kane said...

I know you now Celeste.

spacedlaw said...

And did you like it?

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Anonymous said...

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