Feb 5, 2008

Foxy Lady

I have been doing so many drawings on my new lined paper notebook that I knew it was time for a little change of pace. I found a piece of cardboard in my office, so I figured that would do just fine. I posted this on flickr and got a lot of funny comments about foxes drinking cappucinos and what not. Nick Lee said, "The other day, one of our two red foxes (lovingly named "Star" and "Fire") pounced out a mouse right outside my window at work. Even more amazingly, he had a shot of espresso after the meal. Shane Vorhaben said, "..i was sitting by one in Starbuck's just yesterday...he was sitting with a little girl wearing a red hoodie...." Amy Garlick said, "Foxes smell like armpits. Weird but true."


yun said...

That fox with the strange look on its face resembles Ace, our cat.

Tommy Kane said...

except Ace is not so smart.

LitPark said...

Tried to wait patiently but ended up sneaking a peek at the Morocco drawings. Gorgeous, and makes me want to go bad.

Tommy Kane said...

It's a great place. We shall return.

"Maggie" said...

Cardboard or any surface that can be drawn on works for me. Love the fox!

Tommy Kane said...

I got a few more to come.

Pequete said...

Great thing you found that cardboard, for the drawings turn out so good on it. As to your friend Amy comment, from my experience, foxes smell terribly worse than armpits!

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