Feb 8, 2008

Card Broad

How is cardboard made? Paper and cardboard are mostly made from a fiber called cellulose that comes from trees harvested from plantations and forests.Wood chips are mechanically and/or chemically treated to release the fibers. This produces a pulp which is then mixed with large amounts of water to make a slurry (mush) that is passed over a continuous, rapidly moving mesh. The water is drawn through the mesh, leaving the fibers behind. This damp paper is then passed over a series of rollers to flatten and dry it, then rolled onto huge spools, and sent to factories for cutting and shaping.Each time paper is recycled the fibers shorten and lose strength, so new fibers have to be added. Some paper and cardboard are made from other fibers such as cotton or hemp. I plageurized this from online somewhere. I am really into drawing on cardboard at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Cool. This was like watching an episode of "How It's Made".

Ed Beard

Tommy Kane said...

true Dat.

Marcia said...

I really like the way the torn-away edges frame the drawings.

Those wavy inner parts are called "flutes". You have your "B flute" corrugated, "C flute", etc.

Tommy Kane said...

Live and learn. who knew I could play the flute.