Jan 27, 2008


I really likey television. I likey it a lot. I watch Anthony Bourdain. He rules. Next week is the super bowl. Hopefully it will be good. I also dig Frontline, 60 minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. On Sunday morning I watch all the political talkshows. I can't get enough of Democrats and Republicans yelling at each other. I must be the only person who admits to loving reality shows. It's better for me if there are celebrities in them, you know the shows. I like competitions too. Amazing race, top chef and of course, Project Runway. I likey tv.
Yun and I are going to Morocco in February so I should have some good drawings coming in March. Can't wait.


Felicity said...

Really? You watch all those? I like them for five mins and then I've seen enough! Wow, that is great news - I can't wait to see the drawings (and Yun's photos!)when you get back! Now that's worth tuning in for!

spleenal said...

I like TV too

Tommy Kane said...

I'm just being honest.

yun said...

we can hardly believe we're going to morocco in 2 weeks! my favorite tom kane drawings are the travel drawings so definitely stay tuned!

Tommy Kane said...

It's like we will be in the amazing race together.

swasky said...

My father spent one week with the family of a friend of him. Trash everywhere. But he came back enthusiatic.

Tommy Kane said...

I'm good at cleaning up trash. I dominate trash.

LitPark said...

Wow, have a wonderful trip. I can't wait for the drawings and the stories.

Tommy Kane said...

Soon enough.

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