Jan 10, 2008

Face Off

I bought a new drawing book. It's very small. I stick it in my coat pocket and take it with me wherever I go. Faces are the only thing I draw in it. Waiting in the doctor's office or riding on the subway, I pop it out and grab a quick drawing. So from time to time I will share a few of these with everyone in Tommy Kane fan club land.


LitPark said...

Love these. That is an awfully cute niece.

Keep that notebook dry today.

imwithsully said...

Do you ever show your subjects their pictures? Like the lady at the pizza place? I would love it if you drew me eating and I didn't know it. :)

Tommy Kane said...

That's a good point. The answer is no. People are weird. Some get very insulted when they see a drawing of themselves. I do it very quietly. Sometimes people around me start to make a commotion and start saying to me over and over, am I going to show it to them? I don't because people freak out. You made me look so ugly. You look cute so it probably would not be a problem.

imwithsully said...

sweeeeet!!!!!! but, I still wouldn't mind if you made an ugly portrait of me. Who wants a cute portrait when they can have some character that stands out from the rest? And anyway, once I turned 40 last week, my youthful appearance went away overnight... seriously, I now look like the pizza patron :)

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