Jan 14, 2008


Clowns are scary. My niece Lizzie had a clown at her sixth birthday party. The clown was very entertaining and all but she took it a bit too serious for my taste. I'm sure she is a postal worker by day. Postal workers always bring guns to work and shoot each other up. Imagine a wacked out postal worker who dresses as a clown on weekends. Wait, I think that was John Wayne Gacy. I had nothing to do so I came up with a scary clown drawing. It must have come from the dark side of my brain. Check out this book by Diane Keaton.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

i was horrified to learn that there's something called a "clown ministry" through a local church and catholic school. i cannot think of anything much worse than being trapped in a hospital bed and being visited by clowns.

Tommy Kane said...

A NIGHTmare come to life.

Gabrielle said...

My sister always cried around clowns

Ed Beard said...

I was always scared of clowns. I saw this book "Scary Clowns" at Barnes and Noble and it brought back the anxiety.

Tommy Kane said...

The only cool clown was Bozo.

spacedlaw said...

Fits in parfectly with this week's question at LitPark...

Tommy Kane said...

Sure does.

Roshanda said...

Clowns are scary! Love your drawing though.

Tommy Kane said...

I like the clown on the simpsons.

marcia said...

I heard about this research that shows kids universally hate clowns.

I always liked J.P. Patches, a local clown that hosted a cartoon show in Seattle.

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