Dec 18, 2007

Cute Animals

My latest round of drawings did not garner much attention on my flickr site. I guess people are tired of politics. Seems like what people really like are drawings of cute animals. If I draw a squirrel or a kitty cat, people flock to the images in droves. So I am hanging up my political drawings for a while. SO here is a stupid animal drawing I did that will probably get 200 views and a whole lot of comments left on it. Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want.

Dec 13, 2007

Advertising 2

These are the finished ads I did with David LaChapelle. Pretty wild stuff for Samsung.

Dec 11, 2007


Al Pacino is another guy with fake hair stapled to the top of his head. What is it with these dudes? Can't they just grow old gracefully. I've really gotten into this lined notebook paper in my office. I'm not dug out from my move yet so that's why there are no street drawings lately. I've been doing so many of these portraits. I just got burnt out on doing the political stuff. I think all of you are getting tired of it too. I used Al to try to break out of it a little.

Dec 6, 2007

Cheap Wine

I'm not big on watching the Grammys but I may watch this year to see if Amy Winehouse is loaded out of her mind. That would be cool.

Dec 5, 2007

The O Man

I really want to be into Barak but after watching the first fifty debates I came away disappointed. I know there is a learning curve in this running for president thing. Just look at George W, he's still trying to learn if he can someday be a president. Obama made me feel he wasn't ready. At this stage of the game though, I am forcing myself to go back and have a second look. Hopefully he can start to show me something. If he has what it takes he would be very easy to get behind. Come on Barak, hit me with your best shot.