Nov 29, 2007

Huckapoo Sweater

I don't know much about this dude except that he's the conservative freak. I know he believes every single word in the bible and in creationism. So I guess that means he wants to keep blowing up Iraq. Then he'd blow up Iran and then he would start searching for more countries whose names begin with the letter I. Better be careful India and Italy.

MITTle Of The Road

What do I think of Mitt Romney's positions? Well, I know he's for a woman's right to choose. No wait, he's now against it, I think. I know he's for gun control. No wait, I think he's sort of against it now. He even went hunting once and shot a gerbil. He's against jaywalking, but wait now I think he's for it. He's always been for turkey on Thanksgiving but now I think he's for salmon. In fact he's probably for whatever you are for. Isn't that great. That would make him the best possible candidate, but wait, maybe that would make him the worst.

Nov 21, 2007


The Mitchell report is out naming those in major league baseball who used
steroids. It seems to me that there are an awful lot of New York Yankees on
the list. Roger Clemens, Andy Petite, Jason Giambi, Jose Canseco, Chuck
Knoblauch, Gary Sheffeld, Aaron Boone, Mike Stanton, Jason Grimsley, Kevin Brown and David Justice. There's probably a few dozen other Yankees that I'm missing. It seems strange that the team with by far the most players named in the report happened to win the most World Series during that time period. I wonder if the Yankees are going to give back the trophies and rings? A lot of championship banners and flags are going to have to come down at disgraced Yankee stadium. Maybe the hall of fame will just be putting a lot of asteriks on all the Yankee awards.

Here's Johnny

I don't really get this chick. She seems a bit too into herself. When I saw that video of her playing with her hair for half hour, that was it for me. There was a good story recently in The New York times about Edwards and Kerry's relationship. It seems Edwards was running for the president of the future the whole time they were together. She never really did the job of trying to be a good vice presidential candidate. Anyway she doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning the white house but she won't quit. Why? Because there is always next time. She is positioning herself to be able to run every four years. When will it end?

Nov 20, 2007


Hillary has this one move she does all the time. It's the, I just spotted someone I know in the crowd, move. There is a lot of phoney over-acting involved with this move. It makes me cringe every time I see her do it. "Oh my God! Is that my long lost sister who I haven't seen in 25 years?" No, it's just someone I may have met campaigning a few years ago but I will just overreact anyway. "Gosh! Is that my dead aunt who rose from the grave?" No, it's just some old white dude waving at me. I'll just overreact waving back at the coot. Maybe she spots a Yankee fan wearing a Cubs hat or a Cubs fan wearing a Yankee cap and she is acknowledging she did the same thing. "Oh wow, I've done that too." I'm very excited about the end of Bush but I can't say I'm too thrilled about what's to come.


My spam is always the same. I get about 50 a day for viagra, cialis, nude pics of Brittney Spears, hot stock tips and penis extenders. There is one recurring spam I get that makes no sense to me. Replica watches. Am I the only one receiving these? Replica watches. What the hell is up with that? Of all the products on earth how did replica watches become the king of spam. Can it possibly work? Are people really logging on and buying watches from these invisible people? Can someone please explain this to me. I begging for an answer.

Nov 19, 2007


When I moved to New York 30 years ago, the place was a dangerous hell hole but I liked it. I would never get on the subway under any circumstance. There were drug dealers on my corner. You got attacked by squeegee guys at every traffic light. Crime was out of control. There was no quality of life. There were ghetto blasters on the street at all hours of the night. I just accepted that as the way things were in the big apple. The day Rudy took office all that changed and I mean starting on the very first day. There was suddenly police everywhere. The east village was covered with them. The place was cleaned up so quickly. I was shocked. Oh. You mean we don't have to live like animals. It was a real eye opener. You've got to give the freak some credit. Then when 9/11 hit, Rudy ran the country because we didn't have a president at the time. Whatever Rudy said on tv to do, I just did it. He was the man. Everyone I know hates the guy and I know he is a nut job. I also know he went too far in cleaning up New York. But there is a part of me that likes him for cleaning up my old neighborhood. I never thought it could be done.

Nov 16, 2007


I went to one of those marketing seminars. Most of it goes over my head. This is a drawing of Joesph Jaffe. He's some kind of marketing guru. To me he was a model at a drawing class. I gave him the drawing when I was done. There was a scanner nearby so I scanned it first. I'll bet the first thing he thought when he opened the envelope and saw it was, "obviously the artist who drew this didn't listen to a word I said." That's right, I was too busy drawing. I'm sure he's the brightest bulb on the block. I used him for another post on my blog. He has a blog too. jaffejuice.

McCain In the Membrane

My how the mighty have fallen. What happened to this dude. McCain jumped the shark when he was wandering around that Baghdad market with ten thousand soldiers protecting him. He was trying to pretend everything was hunky dorey. I think it's called alzheimers. He seems to have wandered right off the cliff alongside Bush and Cheney. Yes he's against torture and wanted Rumsfeld dumped but that's about it. Otherwise he's become nutty as a fruitcake. Even when I was drawing this picture I could see how old and decrebid he's become. I got nothing against the guy. I mean, he's done some amazing shit. You gotta give him that. Maybe it's because I actually could have gotten behind a guy like him for president that I am so disappointed in what he's become. Kissing the ass of every lunatic he hates just to try to become president. He was a lot more credible when he told all the nuts to go to hell. Just like everyone else who followed too closely to Bush, I hope the door doesn't hit him too hard from behind on his way out. He's been through enough.

Nov 15, 2007


These world leader types really hate losing power. You'd think they'd want to go to Miami for a vacation or something. But no, they'd rather impose Marshall Law. I for one would head for the Jersey shore. This running nutty countries and hanging out with George Bush has got to be a real pain. I guess someone has to do it though. Seems the Moose is heading out the door. So if your down in Daytona eating a fried clam sandwich and you spot a tan little man with a funny moustache, why not say hello. He's probably an ex-so called ally in the war on terror.
I got a lttle shout out from one of the best artists in the world today. John Casey. Check out his work if you're there.

Nov 14, 2007


With all the crap going on in the world, I hate picking up my newspaper and having to see this nut all the time. Can't he just go away. My George Bush fatigue is at it's wits end. I'm through hearing about Britney and Paris Hilton. What's next, Michael Jackson will probably move into my building. O.J. I am begging you. Please stay out of my newspapers from now on. Thank you for listening.

Nov 9, 2007


I'm digging my new notebook with the lines in it. I was watching South Park on DVD at my desk. While I was watching I did a little scribble in my notebook. I'm realizing that I will have to do more sketches like this until I can get my new apartment in shape. It's going to be hard to get back out to the streets but you know me. I will try my best.

Nov 7, 2007


Again I am trying to push myself because I have no free time. I was able to steal a few moments at work and do this silly drawing. I found a photo of a dog and distorted the hell out of it for fun. I'm liking this new lined notebook they gave everyone in my company. They would probably be surprised at what I'm doing with their precious notebook (whoever, They," are). I'm trying to come back from the drawing grave. Slowly but surely.

Nov 5, 2007

Out Of It

I have been so overwhelmed by moving that I have had no time to draw. My job leaves me no free time during the day to sketch. So I forced myself to draw during a boring status meeting. Yun says I get cranky if I don't get to draw. I miss posting three times a week. I was able to do it no problem for a year and a half. Trust me, I will come out of this and be as prolific as ever. I've been getting pulled from many directions but my moleskines are calling to me.
Henderson, thank you for the wonderful book. We now know all about our surroundings.

My New Hood

I went to do a drawing of my new neighborhood. It was an assignment for Sugar Frosted Goodness. I am still exhausted from moving. This was not easy to do but I forced myself. I complain a lot in the drawing.

Halloween Party

Some of my co-workers and I dressed up for Halloween. We were the cast from Gilligan's Island. Guess which one is me?

Vincent Russo

Butch and I went out drawing the other day. He helped me bring some stuff to
my new apartment in Brooklyn. It turns out that my new hood is full of great
things to draw. There is some guy named Vincent Russo who puts up signs all
over town. They are all wacky make shift signs announcing, Vincent Russo
notary public. I mean they are everywhere. He seems to be quite a character.
We also went to Red Hook, which is the neighborhood next to my new one. All
the Mexicans play soccer on the weekends in a big park. Vendors set up
stalls and sell fantastic homemade delights from all over South America. We
feasted on cerviche and spicy pork tacos. We were in heaven. The bad news is
I think the city is trying to shut them down. Read about it here.

Television Commercial

This is a commercial I was involved in for Samsung. You will be seeing it everywhere. Sorry if it begins to drive you insane. I've had to listen to the song a million times already.