Oct 18, 2007

East of Red Hook

I am so buried moving into our new apartment. I have neglected my blog but I will be back in my usual form soon.

Oct 13, 2007

Hand Model

Not too many people know someone who is a hand model. I do. Years ago when I first got to New York I met a girl named Liz Barbour. She was a Ford hand model. I should mention she really did have nice hands. She used to go around wearing long sleeve gloves all the time. It sort of made sense back then in the punk rock days. Today it wouldn't go over so well. She even wore gloves to the beach. At a shoot, whenever you ask a hand model to just pick something up or turn the dial on a stove or something, they always do it over the top. They add way to much razz-matazz. That always cracks me up. Just pick the thing up like a human being. I will say that they are always cute and funny and great to hang out with for the day.

Oct 4, 2007


When I was five years old my dad and my uncle Arthur took me to my first
baseball game. It was a seventeen inning affair between the New York Mets
and the Milwaukee Braves. The stadium was the old polo grounds. Duke Synder
hit a home run off of Warren Spahn to win the game. It was also my very first
time to be in a public bathroom. Quite an experience. I have been using
public toilets ever since and I can tell you I've never had an incident like
Senator Craig had. Never once did I stand in front of a closed bathroom
stall and stare through the crack at someone sitting on the bowl for several
minutes. I have never put my foot underneath the stall and reached over to
touch another dude's foot. That is impossible to do, wide stance or not,
unless you want it to happen. You really have to go out of your way to
achieve that. I've never reached under and ran my hand along the underside
of the stall. His explanation that he is not insane just doesn't add up. The
best part of all this is the hypocrisy. Mr. disorderly conduct is a right
wing anti-gay family values freak. Neocon is the new ugly word and Craig is
the spokesperson. It's weird because the guy can never use a public restroom
ever again. Imagine if you are this dude and you come off a plane and have
to take a whizz. No way Jose. He'll have to hold it until he gets to his
destination. He can't go to ballgames or concerts. He basically can't leave
his house. This bad naughty boy can't leave his room anymore. He's being
punished and boy does he deserve it.