Sep 30, 2007

Butch Belair

My good friend Butch Belair is new to flickr and could use some friends. Check out his amazing work on flickr here. See more of his work at his website here. He's the greatest artist I've ever befriended. He could use some testimonials on flickr. If anyone of my people could write one for him on flickr, that would be most excellent. Nicest guy in the world too.

Old Book

While packing up to move I came across an old drawing book. Here are a few selections. Nothing great but interesting. I enjoy looking at them. I need to fill a few blogs while I'm moving so this is a perfect diversion.

Highway Blues

Butch and I went to do a drawing. He said he knew a cool place in Queens. It's under the highway and you can see where the giant billboards rise from down below. I am in the middle of moving to Brooklyn. I am constantly packing and wrapping things. I never get a break. I haven't drawn in weeks. I will be shutting down my computer to move it. Hopefully I can keep posting but there may be some days when I can't so be forewarned.

Sep 16, 2007


Patty told Yun that she wanted to get a sticker made. She said she runs into a lot of construction sites that are not wheelchair friendly. It is a big pain to maneuver around them. There are also a lot of places in general that are not up to snuff in being friendly to wheelchairs. I came up with this idea for a sticker that people could leave at sites like this. A kind of warning. When others spot this sticker they will know that a particular place is an enemy of the wheelchair. I always get my stickers made from the sticker guy in Vegas. Soon Patty and I will begin bombing construction sites. Bombing is a term for leaving stickers.

Sep 8, 2007

One More Photog

I'm adding one more drawing to my collection of photographers. This one is of LaChapelle. Dave rarely, if ever, touches the camera. He sits next to a computer setup in a green directors chair. He always has a bullhorn next to him. It would be impossible to hear him otherwise. The music is blasting from huge speakers. He has a DJ on the shoot. He yells commands at the endless array of models, drag queens and assorted freaks. Everyone seems to be someone on his staff's cousin or sister or boyfriend. Dave's trigger to the camera is the enter key on the computer keyboard. There is a giant piece of black tape on it. That's because David used to always hit the wrong button. Instead of taking a photo he was accidentally opening his e-mail, photoshop, his address book and every other application. Hence the giant piece of tape. There is no one in the world who can do what he does, so who cares. He is a quiet gentle guy who is a bit in his own world. the world of celebrities, musclemen, transvestities, midgets, lesbians and circus clowns. Amazing

Sep 2, 2007


The best place to hang out at a photo shoot is the hair and makeup room. All the models, freaks and drag queens are in there getting dolled up. It's where all the gossip happens. Everyone was amazed to see someone in there drawing. I made a lot of friends. It's a bit hard because everyone is moving around so much. As usual I did the best I could under the circumstances. There were about a dozen people in both shots I did. Half were nerds and the other half were beautiful models. I don't know how I get away with the things I do in advertising.

Pre-pro Meeting

In advertising, we have what is called a pre-production meeting the day before the shoot. We go over all the casting, wardrobe and sets. This way the photographer, the client and the agency are all on the same page. It's a bit different with Lachapelle because he just does whatever the hell he wants. He doesn't really listen to anyone. Our meeting started with Lachapelle pulling up the comps I had done onto a computer screen. The comps are my drawings of the ads that where used to sell the idea to the client. It is also what gets sent to the photographer so he gets an idea of what we are doing. Dave's first question was, "who does these great drawings for you guys?" My creative director points to me and says, "he does." Then he says, "you should see his drawing books." So I take one out of my bag and hand it to Lachapelle. I'm not sure he expected much because his eyed opened very wide when he turned to the first page. He nearly fell out of his chair by the second page. All of a sudden the meeting came to a complete halt. He took 20 minutes to go through every page in my drawing book. It was a pretty amazing moment and made me feel great. Wacky minds think alike and Dave and I bonded.

Sep 1, 2007


When I was In LA I stayed at the Grafton Hotel. It is the poor man's fancy hotel. It is perfectly situated next to the Mondrian. Except it only costs $220 a night. There is a great bar in the joint and an amazing restaurant. One never has to leave the premises. The pool is the best in town. We lived like kings eating Kobe beef every night. I still don't like being in Los Angeles very much.


This should give you a little taste of what it is like to shoot with David Lachapelle. Picture "the factory," Andy Warhol's old place. This is the modern version of that. There are freaks everywhere. People constantly coming and going. The show never stops. People are always dropping by from previous shoots. Music is blasting at full volume. There is a DJ there at all times. You can see the wild sets we built. For me it was as stressful as it was fun. He is a legend. David shot a commercial with Fergie days before our shoot. Before that he shot a music video for Jennifer Lopez. After we left he was on to a music video for Elton John.

Rainy Day With Butch

Butch and I went out to draw. It was an extremely rainy Sunday. We parked near an awning. People were stuck under it to avoid the downpour. Butch and I sat in the car and drew. I did a mishmosh of everything around me. We ended up going to a bar and drinking beer. The conditions were just too harsh to draw.