Mar 22, 2007

Mail Art

Darren at The Little Chimp Society sent me a letter. On the envelope he drew a portrait of me. Pretty damn good. The Chimp is doing a thing on mail art. Of course, I had to participate. I drew the church next to my apartment in New York. Why? I don't know. I just thought it would be a cool envelope. Darren can frame it and stick it in his bathroom. I've done this kind of thing before but even still it's a whole lot of fun.

Mar 17, 2007

Edward Hopper

My friend Butch Belair has really taken to this drawing business. He is now heavily into watercolors. Unlike me, he reads books about techniques. He studies, where I just plod along on my own. It's an interesting difference between us. He called me the other morning and said he was going to draw and would I like to come along. When I draw on the street, I always use my little camping stool. Butch has his own way of doing it. He owns a mini cooper. He parks it in front of something he wants to draw and draws sitting in the front seat. The music blares from his car stereo. We were in Brooklyn under the above ground trains. There was a lot of snow and everything was melting. Water poured continuously onto the windshield. I could barely see a thing. Also I was very unused to drawing sitting in the passenger seat of a mini cooper. I struggled but never gave up. I like the result. The place Butch picked to paint was very reminiscent of the old Edward Hopper paintings.

Bruce Wolf

I have decided to do a portrait of every photographer I work with from now on. I do the entire drawing except their face. They move around too much, so I shoot a couple of photos of them and do their face later on at home. I started out with Bruce Wolf, a legendary photographer in the advertising business. I send the photographers a nice print of the drawing when I'm done with it. In return, Bruce surprised me by sending me a print of his personal work. I was thrilled. It was a shot on black seamless of a small field mouse that was killed by Bruce's cat. It was skinned and the organs are showing, just like in science class. It sounds creeping but the way it's photographed by the legendary Wolf, it looks amazing. I had it framed right away. The cats and I love it. You will be seeing a few more photographers in the weeks ahead.

Mar 14, 2007

My Magic Kit

I thought I would show what I take with me when I draw on the street. It is quite simple. I have 2 cheap boxes I purchased at new york central art supplies in manhattan.
A. plastic box B. two dollar pencil case (filled with about 14 prisma colored pencils) C. water brushes (these are hollow plastic paint brushes that you can fill with water). I don't carry any water with me to do watercolors D. mini watercolor paint set, windsor newton E. paper towel (needed to clean paintbrush) F. 2 grey magic markers that have brushes for tips G. my pens. That's all there is to it. Nothing else up my sleeve. H. big rubber band (sometimes it is very windy on the street and i put this around the top of my open sketchbook so the pages don't flip like mad in the wind) I. pencil sharpener

All Along The Watertower

I almost always carry some sort of drawing book. Sometimes at my job I have to work in edit studios. They are located all over manhattan. Every once in a while you run into one that has an interesting view out of their window. The thing about editors (people who edit television commercials and videos) is that they usually work in darkened rooms. I was at a place called Double Wide edit. It was on east 20th street. It took me a whole day to ask if I could open a window to this guys cave. Low and behold there was a decent view behind the curtain. The guy probably hadn't seen sunlight in ten years. I sat there and sketched while ignoring the work I should have been doing. He would ask me what I thought of edits he had just done and I would say, "it looks great," even though I wasn't looking at anything he did. I was busy drawing. There was only one watertower in this view. I added the others to make it more interesting. I felt it needed a little jazzing up. I was going to write something on it but I liked how it turned out. I just couldn't bring myself to put words on it.

Mar 12, 2007

Tonka Toy

Yun and I have still been searching for a new apartment. With all the over building that is going on in the New York city area, you'd think it would be easy. Well it's not. There are way too many billion dollar condos going up everywhere. They all seem to be half empty. Who is buying these freaking joints. We go way out into Brooklyn to junky neighborhoods and even there they are asking for a million bucks to live in a cardboard box. I know we will find something. It's just very frustrating. I did this drawing using a new grey magic marker. I used it to give a sense of depth.

Mar 10, 2007

Comic Con

My friend Drew and I are real nerds. We love toys. So we had to go to the big toy and comic book convention in Manhattan. It was a bone chilling cold saturday morning. Drew and I wanted to get there early to beat all the other freaks we knew were going to show up in droves. The only problem is once we got there, every other maniac had the same idea. We stood on line with tons of retards dressed up like star wars characters. Fat chicks dressed like Wonder Woman and Super Girl, with their big bellies hanging out of their costumes. We were in heaven. These are our people. We stayed for a few hours. Next year can't come soon enough.

Mar 7, 2007

Happiness Is A Warm Pen

Guns,guns,guns. People love their stupid guns. What the hell is up with that? I'm not around guns, I don't think about guns, I don't look at guns. It's crazy what happened to those students in Virginia. When I went to college, no one in my school had a gun with them. Why not get into skydiving or cooking or old cars. Anything else. If no one had a gun then you wouldn't need to have yours in order to protect yourself from someone who may. Then we could worry about other things. For instance, was Ashlee Simpson better looking before she had her nose job or after? I for one say, before. How about taking up stamp collecting as a hobby. It's an oldie but goody. When I was a kid everyone's mom used to crochet and do macrame. You saw that shit everywhere. No one ever died doing macrame. Although it did kill me to look at it.

Mar 6, 2007

Rug Destruction

I've never lived with cats before I got married. Now I have two. Recently Yun and I bought a fancy new rug from Angela Adams. For some reason my cats love tearing it up. They don't touch my cheap rugs from K-mart. You have to see me running around like an idiot trying to protect the rug. I put some stuff from the pet store that is supposed to keep them away but instead they seem more attracted to it. Now I do the old water squirt bottle. It seemed to have worked for a while. Now they are back to tearing it again. It is a constant battle. They know they shouldn't do it. They won't go near it when I'm there. But many mornings or when I get home I can see it's been tampered. I don't know what to do. Maybe someone who reads this has some new advice to help me. I'm tired of running around like a loony and squirting my cats who I've come to love very much. Help.

Mar 5, 2007

The Pen Is Mighty

In this overly PC world, I cannot help myself from bucking the status quo. Art, humor and irreverence all go hand in hand. I can't follow the rules. I fear the sterilization of our airwaves and news gathering outlets. We have to be able to take the good with the bad. We shouldn't try to make our ears only hear the so called good. Look what Bush has done giving us years of happy talk. Once we picked up the rock to look underneath. It was crawling with maggots, worms and much worse. There is something good about political incorrectness. It at least allows us to see and hear what is under the rock.

Check List

I do so many drawings it is hard work to keep track of them all. So every once in a while I print out all the drawings I've uploaded to photobucket (that's my photo hosting site). Then I go through all my posts on my blog and try and figure out if there are any drawings that haven't been posted yet. It would be dumb to go to all the trouble of drawing something and then forget to post it. So I did a little spring cleaning and discovered these two drawings that were never posted.

Mar 3, 2007

I Am The Apeman

There is a great illustration site called The Little Chimp Society. Darren who calls himself "The Ape," gave me a little test to do. He gave me a drawing and then asked me to do my take on it. Darren's drawing is on the bottom and then my version is on top. Things like this work out better if you have an idea in mind. That's where the ad man in me takes over. I thought it would be fun to do a little joke. It's the old advertisement in the back of the comic book. It's where the little skinny kid (me) gets sand kicked in his face by the bully. Then he send away for more malted milk drink which he drinks for two weeks. then suddenly he is super strong. the bully comes back but this time he kicks ass. I did a take off on that theme. I'm very pleased with my doodle.