Feb 25, 2007


I received an e-mail from a young guy who calls himself, "Earmint." He's a white rapper type dude who lays down some heavy ass beats. He had a proposition for me. He was broke, had no money but wanted to know if I could do some album art for him. He was inviting some friends and artists to tamper with a drawing he had of himself. I checked out his website and liked what I saw, especially how he looked. Check him out here. So I said yes. Plus it would make for a good blog entry. I posted the b&w drawing he sent to me,(it's the one on the bottom). Of course I had to elaborate on his sketch. I turned the name underneath into a medalion. I found another photo of him I liked so I drew that as a second head. I did that because I wanted to draw my own version of him too. It was a fun little assignment and I'm pleased how it came out. I'm sure the little freak is thrilled too.

Feb 23, 2007


Animals are good to draw when they are stuffed. They don't move around too much. Otherwise it would be hard to draw a large deer. Another good way to draw animals is to draw them from a photo. I did that on the dog. The other I drew at Danny's apartment, all I added was my imagination.

Feb 19, 2007


The other day I was riding on the subway. I noticed a muslim girl wearing a Hijab or headscarf. It was black. When we exited the train together, I noticed that in dark grey were Calvin Klein logos all over here Hijab. I was a bit stunned by that. Is that allowed? Who knows. It got me thinking about religion and commercialism. I read a story a few years ago about an orthodox jewish grandmother in brooklyn who was making really cool yamikas. She was putting nike logos on them and they were selling like hot cakes. Not exactly what the rabbi had in mind I'm sure. I wonder why marketers themselves haven't tried to go down this shameless path. I was thinking about baseball stadiums that are all named after corporations now. What if churches and synagogues started licensing the rights to name their holy places. Instead of St. Patrick's cathedral it could be Citibank Church. Maybe even pop in an ATM or two or better yet a food concession. Maybe grab a cup of dunkin donut's coffee and a big mac while listening to your priest or rabbi drone on.


I hate cameras. I'm not very good technically. Cameras are over my head. I own a nice Canon digital. The only problem is I can hardly use the damn thing. Recently I've been photographing manhole covers. That's right sewer caps. When I got home from Prague and looked through my photos I discovered a great manhole cover i'd shot. It intrigued me. So I began shooting all the different ones around New York city. Now I do it wherever I go. I have a really cool collection. It gives me an additional thing to do on my flickr site. You can check out my collection here. If any of my readers have a digital camera and come across any manhole covers in your town or city, please photograph them and e-mail them to me. I need more. Just send them to tom@tommykane.com.

Feb 15, 2007

Push Yourself

There are so many days I have to literally force myself to draw. Day in and day out it is exhausting. Coming up with new ideas at work and new ideas to draw in my books is very taxing. These two drawings are good examples of forcing myself to do things I really didn't want to. When I started the drawing of the woman, I hated it. Her face looked ugly. I just couldn't get it right. That is why I drew the hair so elaborately, it was in order to hide my lousy sketch as best I could. In the end it was the hair idea that saved it. If I didn't screw up her face right away, then the drawing would have been a completely different idea. I should emphasize that I have no preconceived notion of what my drawings will look like. I don't think, I just start sketching and see what develops as I go. The drawing of the booze bottle happened because I was at my in-law's house with nothing to draw. So I searched and found something weird to doodle. So when you see all the drawings on my blog, don't think it comes easy. It's hard and a pain in the ass but it is also very rewarding for the soul. My wife says I already wrote about this theme before. I'm sorry if i'm repeating myself but it really is hard sometimes.

Feb 9, 2007

I See The Light

I was given another assignment for a magazine. The theme was "light". So this was the first thought that came into my head. I'm not really sure why. I have some crucifixes and buddahs at home, so I just started sketching away. The silly writing just poured out of my small brain quite rapidly.

Feb 8, 2007

Bridget Bardot

I was contacted by a literary magazine in England called The Quiet Feather. They needed an illustration for a story. I laughed when I read it. A young writer working for a newspaper discovers Bridget Bardot's phone number amongst some old files. For the next 20 years he occasionally dials the number but no one ever answers. His obsession with her grows. Finally he has the opportunity to travel to St. Tropez, the place where she lives. Even though she is very old, he sets out to get a glimpse of her. He discovers a bar where he is told she lives nearby. She even goes there sometimes. His tenaciousness pays off. He finally sees Bardot. He sees her walking with a cane. She is dressed in black. He observes her looking up into the bright sun. He sees the tremendous history of her life in the aging decay of her once beautiful face. I found some shots of her online and used them to make my illustration. I dig how it turned out.
There is a great new blog by my pal Rama Hughes. it's called The Portrait Party. It's where artists can go to hook up with other artists to draw each other's portrait. You can draw someone and in return receive a nice portrait of your self to hang on the wall.

Just Do It

Most of the time I start a drawing I have no clue of how it will turn out. Take the bird for instance. I was sitting at my office desk with a little free time. I found a picture of a bird I wanted to draw. So I just started drawing the sucker. Halfway through I had to go to a meeting. There was a magazine on the conference room table. As people were talking I thumbed through the magazine and saw all these fancy ads. To kill time I started drawing all the logos. Then I found a photo of a model wearing a crown, so I drew the crown floating above the bird. No real reason, I just liked the composition. At the end I put in some dumb words and added the diamonds. I really like the finished product. The drawing happened by not thinking, just doing. I made things happen because I was impatient to finish. So my stupid advice is, just start doing it and something will happen.

Lost And Found

I put up my website last march. Before that if you googled my name nothing came up. Now when you google Tommy Kane, 25 pages of stuff comes up. In other words I'm easy to find now. The other thing that happens is I get a lot of e-mail asking if I'm the Tommy Kane that lived in new hyde park and like listening to the Beatles. Or am I the Tommy Kane from Boston who who was a great wiffle ball player. I hate disappointing people. My name must be more common than I think. I like the fact that people are out there searching for old friends. Wondering what happened to them. I must admit I do it myself. I've found several people from my past who are very dear to me. I'm always wondering who will find me next.